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Seiken Densetsu 3 Weapons
Carlie's Weapons
Ball and Chain
Hollow Rod 28 Luc
Wood Flail 80 Luc
Ball and Chain 184 Luc
Light Flail 230 Luc
Warhammer 405 Luc
Steel Maul 820 Luc
Duck Ironball 1300 Luc
Silver Flail 2480 Luc
Morning Star 2270 Luc
Blockbuster 3830 Luc
Cuneal Maul 7200 Luc
Gravity Maul 17230 Luc
Meteo Flail 18080 Luc
Vertina Maul (Priestess/Enchantress) Weapon/Armor seed
Heavy Flail 2780 Luc
Heiro Flail 3170 Luc
Mythril Maul 4000 Luc
Holy Flail 7495 Luc
Ultima Maul 17470 Luc
Mjolnir 34270 Luc
Judgementes (Bishop) Weapon/Armor seed
Gigas Flail (Sage) Weapon/Armor seed
Hammer Flail 2820 Luc
Puppet Flail 3220 Luc
Troll Maul 4135 Luc
Thibula Flail 7600 Luc
Bloodsucker 17335 Luc
Satan Flail 32000 Luc
Maul of the Dead (Necromancer) Weapon/Armor seed
Juggernaut (Evil Shaman) Weapon/Armor seed

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