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Legend of Mana Magic Elementals
In the land of Legend of Mana, the use of magic points is no longer available. Instead, to summon the elementals to cast spells, musical instruments are used. They are shown at the bottom of this page.
US - Dryad
Japanese - Dryad

The Elemental of the Forest
US - Gnome
Japanese - Gnome

The Elemental of Earth.
US - Lumina
Japanese - Wisp

The Elemental of Light
US - Luna
Japanese - Aura

The Elemental of the Moon
US - Salamando
Japanese - Salamander

The Elemental of Fire.
US - Shade
Japanese - Shade

The Elemental of Darkness
US - Sylphid
Japanese - Jinn

The Elemental of Wind.
US - Undine
Japanese - Undine

The Elemental of Water.

Musical Instruments

Wind Instrument

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