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The Legend of Zelda Equipment
The sword has four potential levels of power. You can see what level your sword is currently at by looking at the number next to the sword symbol on your Sub Screen. Your first goal is to obtain the Master Sword, which is power level two.
1 Given to you by your uncle in the hidden passage to Hyrule castle.
2 Found in the north-western area of the Lost Woods after you have all three pendants.
3 Tempered by the blacksmiths after you rescue one from the Dark World.
4 Given to you by the faerie in the mysterious pond of Ganon's pyramid.
You start off wearing a suit of green cloth which hardly protects you at all. During your adventure, you will find the Blue Mail and the Red Mail. These suits of armor reduce damage from enemy attacks by 25% and 50% respectively.
Green Mail You have this from the start of the game.
Blue Mail Found in a chest in the Ice Dungeon.
Red Mail Found in a chest in Ganon's Tower.
The shield has three potential levels of power. Your first shield can only fend off the enemy's arrows, spears and rocks. If you improve your shield or find a better one, you can defend yourself against different attacks.
Shield Given to you by your uncle in the hidden passage to Hyrule castle.
Red Shield Given to you by the faerie in the mysterious pond at the Waterfall of Wishing. You can also buy it in the shop directly west of the Dark World pyramid for 500 rupees.
Mirror Shield Found in a chest in Turtle Rock.
Other Equipment
Pegasus Shoes Given to you by Sahasrahla after you win the first pendant. This magic footwear has been handed down by the family of one of the Seven Wise Men. If you wear these shoes, you can run incredibly fast. You will get the Pegasus Shoes from the wise man Sahasrahla.
Power Glove Found in a chest in the Desert Palace. If you wear this glove, you can pick up objects such as rocks that you cannot lift with your bare hands.
Titan's Mitt Found in a chest in the Thieve's Town. This glove has incredible power. It allows you to lift the heaviest of objects without any trouble.
Zora's Flippers Given to you by Zora when you pay him 500 rupees. These Flippers belong to Zora the man-fish, whose domain is the wet blue yonder. They are a necessity - you cannot swim without them (if you try swimming without the Flippers you will be returned to land). To get through this adventure, you must get your feet wet, so find the Flippers as soon as possible.
Moon Pearl Found in a chest in the Mountain Tower. People who enter the Dark World (Golden Land) are transformed into a shape that reflects what is in their hearts. You can prevent this by obtaining the Moon Pearl, which protects its bearer from the power of the Triforce.

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