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The Legend of Zelda Heart Locations
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This section has a screenshot of each of the 24 heart pieces found in the game and a description on how to reach them. Also note that you will receive a full heart container after defeating a boss in each dungeon.
To the farthest right ledge on the Dark World Pyramid, you will find this heart waiting there.
In the Dark World to the south of the Haunted Grove, you will find a small opening in the cliff-face. There will be a circular bush formation that you must warp back to the Light World from within. You will appear up on a cliff ledge and a cave will be in front of you. Go in and find this heart.
Hidden randomly within the Treasure Field is this heart. Try to have a lot of money though, as it might take a few tries to find it.
Once you defeat Agahnim in the Light World, the tree the two lumberjacks were cutting will be abandoned. Run into it to reveal a hole beneath it and go down to find this heart.
At the northenmost point of the graveyard in the Dark World will be a ladder leading up to an empty ledge. Climb up there and warp back to the Light World. Go in the cave you find to receive this heart.
In the Dark World where the entrance to Death Mountain is in the Light World, you will find a sign reading: "I will give a piece of heart to those who wear the cape." Once you find the cape, go in the cave up to where to blue bouncy obstacle blocking the way is. Activate the cape and walk through it and proceed to the exit where you will find this heart.
In the treasure chest game in the Village of Outcasts, randomly hidden in one of the chests is a heart.
Outside the blacksmith's house in the Dark World, you will find many stakes around the area. Knock them all down with the hammer and a hole will open up leading to this heart.
To the left of the Ice Dungeon in the Dark World you will find a circle of stones in the water. Warp to the Light World and you be up on a hill where this heart is waiting.
To the left of Misery Mire's entrance is another building. Go inside and you will find this heart.
To the north-western point in the Swamp of Evil is a small opening in the wall. Warp to the Light World in this area and you will be up on a ledge off the desert with a large rock. Pick up the rock to reveal an opening under it to find this heart.
This one you will find while travelling through Turtle Rock. When you emerge outside on a long ledge, walk to the right entrance and standing in front of the door, warp to the Light World and you will be on a ledge not accessible by jumping down from above. Go inside the cave and you will find this heart.
In the Dark World at the top of Death Mountain, you should find a single large rock. Pick it up and go in the opening. You can get all the treasure chests in the first large room, but proceed to the north exit. There will be a hole in front of you. Use the Ether Medallion to see an invisible path and move on. Explore the next few rooms until you emerge out onto a ledge outside. Warp to the Light World and the last heart will be waiting here for you.

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