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Super Metroid Obstacles
This section includes the different types of obstacles that may block Samus' path in various areas on and under Zebes. Each one can be either opened or destroyed for Samus to pass through.
Blue Doors These doors are the most common to be found on Zebes. Just shoot them with your normal gun to open them.
Purple Doors These doors can be opened by shooting them with five missiles or one super missile.
Green Doors The green doors can only be opened by shooting them with one super missile.
Yellow Doors These doors must be opened by detonating a power bomb.
Metal Doors These doors only open after a special task has been performed or until certain enemies are destroyed.
Guard Doors These doors appear just outside the room of a large boss. They open their eyes when you get too close and fire at you. To destroy them, just shoot the eye with missiles or super missiles when it opens.
Blue Panels These can be opened by shooting the blue button with your normal gun.
Green Panels These can be opened by shooting the green button with a super missile.
Crumbled blocks When you fall through some areas on Zebes, the ground forms these blocks that cannot be destroyed unless you step on them.
Hook blocks Using the Grappling Beam, you can use these to swing across dangerous areas.
Crumbling hook blocks These hook blocks break after a few seconds so you have to be fast.
Speed Booster blocks These blocks can only be broken through using the Speed Booster and running very fast through them.
Crumbling blocks These blocks vary in looks but can be destroyed with your normal blaster or a bomb.
Super Missile blocks These can be destroyed by shooting one super missile at them.
Power Bomb blocks These can be destroyed by setting a power bomb off.

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