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Super Metroid Power-ups
This section includes all the power-ups you can find throughout Zebes. Descriptions and locations of items are included, and other areas such as missile reload stations are also covered. Power-up weapons and items that appear in the sub-screen as shown on the right are in order of appearance in the game.
Samus' Ship Samus can restore all her health, missiles, super missiles and power bombs to maximum if she returns to her ship. It can also be used to save the game.
Missile Reload These can restore you missile payload to maximum.
Map Data This can give you a full technical read-out of the area you are currently in.
Energy Recharge These can fully restore your energy to full power.
Save points Scattered throughout Zebes are these save points. They can save your game so can return to that same point at a later time.
Chozo Statues These are the Ancient bird people of Zebes. They hold valuble power-ups that should not be missed.
Chozo Statues Some Chozo Statues do not hold anything. If they don't roll into a ball in their hands and something special will happen.
Morphing Ball This morphing ball allows Samus to morph into a small ball to squeeze into small openings not normally accessable. It is found early in the game in Brinstar.
Missiles These missiles are slightly stronger than Samus' normal gun and can be used against stronger enemies or bosses. You can carry a maximum of 230 missiles.
Super Missiles The super missiles are stronger than normal missiles and can inflict heavier damage on targets. You can hold up to 50 super missiles.
Power Bombs These bombs are much more devastating than normal ones. Once detonated, they can destroy every enemy on the screen or damage larger ones. You can carry up to 50 bombs.
Energy Tanks These energy tanks increase the power capacity in Samus' suit. There are 14 of them in total hidden under Zebes.
Reserve Tanks These tanks allow Samus to hold backup energy. If her suit's power is drained, these tanks will restore some energy to save Samus. There are a total of 4 in Zebes.
Bomb This power-up enables Samus to drop bombs when she is in the morphing ball state. It is found in Crateria just before the Chozo Statue boss.
Charge Beam The first weapon power-up in the game, the Charge Beam allows Samus to charge up her gun and release a stronger beam of energy. It is found low down in Brinstar.
Spazer Found just before Kraid in Brinstar, the Spazer increases the power in Samus' weapon and shoots out three beams of energy.
Hi-Jump Boots These boots allow Samus to perform a higher jump than normal, allowing her to reach high-up areas. They are found early on in Norfair.
Varia Suit This suit is found after defeating Kraid in Brinstar. It protects Samus against very hot areas below Norfair and cuts damage inflicted by 25%.
Speed Booster This enables Samus to run very fast, so fast in fact that when she goes to top speed, her suit charges up, turns blue and destroys any enemies that touch it. Also, after running a fair way, if you press down, Samus crouches and begins to flash yellow. If you then jump from somewhere, she will perform a massive jump that keeps going until she hits something.
Ice Beam This weapon increases the strength of Samus' weapon and can freeze enemies.
Grappling Beam This item can be used to hook Samus onto the various blocks or certain enemies around Zebes to swing her to different places or to avoid danger. It can also be used as a weapon.
Wave Beam This weapon is again stronger than others but also allows Samus to shoot through walls and other objects.
X-Ray Scope This item enables Samus to see invisible objects or secret openings in the walls and caverns of Zebes. When it is activated, Samus cannot move but all enemies do not move either. It is found in Brinstar.
Gravity Suit This is the best possible protection for Samus. It cuts damage by 50% and allows her to walk around at normal speed under water. This suit is found in the Wrecked ship.
Space Jump This allows Samus to perform multiple jumps in the air, enabling her to rise up in the air and effectively "fly" over dangerous areas if used properly. You receive this after defeating Draygon in Maridia.
Plasma Beam This is the strongest beam weapon Samus can have. It can defeat any enemy Samus encounters. It cannot be used along with the Spazer. It is found in Maridia.
Spring Ball This item allows Samus to jump up when she is rolled up into a ball. It is found in Maridia.
Screw Attack This makes Samus' suit a weapon. When she jumps, her suit charges up into a ball of energy, destroying or damaging any enemy that touches it. It is found after defeating the Chozo Statue in Norfair.
Special Moves and Attacks
Plasma bomb: To use this special attack, you must have only the charge beam and plasma beam selected. Select the power bombs, then charge up your weapon.
Ice bomb: Use the same method as before, but this time have the ice beam and charge beam selected.
Wave bomb: Use the same method as before, only this time have the wave beam and charge beam selected.
Spazer bomb: Use the same method as with the other moves, just use the spazer and charge beam.
Energy Recharge: To use this special move, your reserve tanks must be empty, you must have at least 10 missiles, 10 super missiles and 11 power bombs and your energy must be under 50. Once this is done, set a power bomb, but when you do, hold down L, R, Down and X and keep it held down until Samus becomes surrounded in a ball of energy, which will re-fill all your energy tanks.

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