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Secret of Mana Main Characters
Randi is the main character of the game. One day, while visiting a forbidden waterfall with his friends, he accidentaly fell down the fall and stumbled across a sword wedged into a rock. Guided by a mysterious spirit, he unwillingly pulls it free, and releases many evil monsters into the world. He then realizes that this rusty sword is none other than the legendary Mana Sword! He is then banished from Potos Village and must set out to rid the world of the monsters that have appeared.

Randi's destiny is to save the world from the evil Empire. He must revive the Mana Sword and become the new Mana Knight. Along the way he will have to gain the power of the eight Mana Seeds and meet the Mana Tree, the guardian of the world.

Purim is a young lady who lives in the kingdom of Pandora. She was in love with Dyluck, a knight of Pandora's forces, who could barely spend time with her due to his work. She is furious with the King when he sends Dyluck to eliminate Elinee the witch. She joins Randi vowing to find Dylcuk at any cost.

Purim uses heal-type magic, allowing the group to regain HP and enhance their performance in battle. She has a strong sense of justice and is determined to save Dyluck from the Empire.

Popoie is an orphaned sprite who floated away from his village at a young age and met up with the Dwarf Elder of Gaia's Navel. Due to his rough experience as a young sprite, Popoie has retrograde amnesia and cannot recall past memories. He meets Randi and decides to join him in the hope that he might remember his past with the help of the Earth Mana Seed.

Popoie uses attack-type magic, and utilizes powerful spells to inflict heavy damage on enemies. He may be a little cheeky at times, but he still has a strong heart and is ready to fight for the freedom for the world.

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