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Secret of Mana Game Secrets
This section has many secrets to be found in the game. Some secrets have no benefits, they are just for fun, while some will actually help out, such as the level 9 Sword orb.
9th Sword Orb

Warning: This trick only works on the NTSC version of the game, not the PAL version.

You must have Flammie.

Fly near the Ice Country. Directly off the coast, still in white, not far from the Ice Palace, is a small, circular island. Land on it.

If you don't see Neko directly in front of you, call Flammie and try again. This trick will not work if you just walk to Neko from somewhere in the Ice Country. You must land right next to Neko.

Once you have done that, talk to Neko and save the game.

Press and hold L, R, Select, and Start for a couple of seconds.

The game will, all by itself, restart.

Start a new game from the beginning.

Try not to kill any Rabites on the way there, as it may help increase the chances of this trick working. Play through normally until you fall through the hole into the cave with the Mantis Ant.

After, not during, not before, but after everyone is done talking and the battle is starting, do not move, then hold L, R, Select, and Start for a few seconds and the game will again restart by itself.

Now load the game you saved at Neko.

You should be in front of the Mantis Ant. Defeat it.

Never do this more than one time. Doing it once shouldn't glitch but doing it more than once is asking for trouble. After you have collected all the normal sword orbs, if you haven't already, you'll have the Mana Sword, the strongest weapon in the game.

The Seven Secret Passageways

#1- Go to the inn at Matango. Walk towards the inn owner. Then walk down, and you should be able to walk through the wall and into a black passageway. You can walk all the way around the inn until you get to the doorway behind the inn owner.

#2- Go to the southern-most pathway in Southtown. Then walk towards the west(left) and keep going until you cant walk anymore. If you did this correctly, you will have wound up walking through the trees and into a small clearing.

#3- Go to Tasnica. There is a hidden shop underneath some stairs. To get to him, you must go to a desk and walk through a wall south of it.

#4- Go to Tasnica. Take the left route and go to the furthest room you can get to. Then you will notice a red carpet on the eastern wall. Walk on the carpet on through the east wall. You will end up in the right route.

#5- Go to Todo Village. Walk on the bridge and press up. You will find yourself walking on ice.

#6- This secret is used to get to the Moon Palace before you get Flammie. Go to Kakkara, then walk outside the village to the desert. Keep going until you reach northeastern-most area. You will see a passage at the top that is blocked off. Walk to the top right of the area, then run to the left. You will be able to get across the blocked path and if you continue north, you will reach Charons ferry, although she is out for lunch.

#7- In the fight against the Mana Beast, as he charges you, run left and down, and with the other controller have both magic users cast Mana Magic on you. If timed properly, as the Mana Beast charges, you will be knocked straight off the platform. You can walk around a bit until the game freezes. Some say they have walked far enough to see Charon's Ferry.

Disappearing Neko

When you go to the Lofty Mountains, sometimes you will see Neko on the top of the mountain, However, he sometimes disappears!

Face in the water

When you get out of the Mana Fortress, fly south and look to the right in the water as you go. You will see a tiny face in the water. You can also see a face made out of mountains on the moon in Final Fantasy 2. This face acts as a symbol for Squaresoft, but has no purpose in the game.

Passing Weapon Level 8

If you are having this problem with a weapon, read the following:

First, equip 2 characters with weapons already maxed out (8:99), and your third with the weapon which will not raise in levels. Second, go to a good level-raising area (such as the Crystal Forest), and beat some enemies. Now all the weapon points will go towards the weapon who will not go up. If it still doesn't work, try killing 2 or even 3 enemies at a time, that should get it going.

Screen Glitch

This secret is hard to get working. Have the girl cast a spell, and immediately call upon Flammie. The screens may overlap, or make the spell freeze on the screen as your characters are getting picked up.

Confuse Cure

I have thought up a cure for those of you who can't handle the confuse spell because of the backwards controls. Go to the controller settings menu and reverse the commands to make everything return to normal until the confuse spell wears off.

High Charge - Low Level

Equip one character with a low-level weapon, and another with a high-level weapon. Assign each character to a different controller. Have the character with the high-level weapon charge up to maximum. With the second controller, bring up the weapon menu, and switch weapons with the character charging his weapon. When released, the weapons will switch, and the one with a low power level will perform a high-level attack.


This lets you face the enemy and attack while being able to walk away at the same time. Hold R and continue normally.

Smoked Sprite

Buy a barrel and equip it on one character (the Sprite makes the best show). Now have the girl cast one of the Saber spells on him(flame saber for a fiery effect). The barrel will glow red and the Sprite will seem to be cooking inside the barrel. Make him run around frantically for best comedic impact.

This Secret of Mana site was created by Mana Knight on the 10th July 1999.