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Secret of Mana Characters

The Republic

Jema Jema Jema is well experienced knight from Tasnica. He fought alongside the warrior Serin, and his role here is to guide Randi in his quest and give him advice whenever possible.
Dyluck Dyluck Dyluck is Purim's boyfriend. He was the leader of the witch hunt, and was kidnapped along with Purim's friend Phanna after being sent to Thanatos by Elinee.
Republic Soldier Republic Soldier These are soldiers of Tasnica and Pandora.
Morie Morie He is the grandson of the leader commanding the Royal Sandship. He saves you after you are stranded in the desert.
Meria Meria This man is the general commanding the sandship. He is a strong man, but is weak with his grandson.

The Empire

Thanatos Thanatos He is the one responsible for kidnapping Dyluck and Phanna. This eerie creature is one of the bodyguards of the Emperor, and seems to have plans of his own.
Imperial Soldier Imperial Soldier These are the soldiers of the Empire.
Geshtar Geshtar Lieutenant of the Empire, and one of the Emperor's bodyguards. He puts up a good fight against you, using Jabberwocky and the Mech Riders as his attack.
Emperor Vandole Emperor Vandole The ruler of the Empire, he seems to have control over all his forces, but does not suspect Thanatos' plans.
Sheex Sheex Another of the Emperor's bodyguards. This lieutenant tries to overthrow Tasnica disguised as the King. You fight him twice - as Dark Stalker and Aegagropilon.
Fanha Fahna The fourth lieutenant/bodyguard. She follows along with Thanatos' plans, and enjoys leaving you to fight one of their monsters.

Other Characters

Timothy Timothy Timothy is a young boy growing up in Potos. He is a good friend to Randi and Elliot.
Elliot Elliot Elliot is also growing up in Potos. He, Timothy and Randi were out looking for the "shiny treasure" they were told about when Randi finds the sword.
Serin Serin This is the ghost Randi encounters at Angel Falls. He tells Randi to take the sword.
Elder Elder The Elder of Potos took Randi in and raised him as his own son. Even though he has the last word in any village decision, he was powerless to prevent Randi's banishment.
Cannon Travel Man Cannon Travel For 50 GP, these guys will blast you out of a cannon to anywhere on their list.
Neko Neko This unusual cat appears throught the land in different locations offering helpful items to assist the group along their way. Unfortunately, his prices are a little more expensive than other areas.
Sage Luka Sage Luka This 200 year old girl is the keeper of the Water Palace. For the first part of the game, she helps Randi to understand his role in the restoration of Mana and warns him of the Empire's plans.
Phanna Phanna Purim's friend who is kidnapped by Thanatos. She does feel jealous of Purim and Dyluck's relationship.
Dwarf Elder Dwarf Elder He is the leader of the Dwarf Village and the one who rasied Popoie. He shows you his exhibition show and suggests that Popoie goes with you.
Rabite Man Rabite Man This guy is half rabite half man. He is one of the main attractions at the Dwarf exhibition show.
Watts Watts This blacksmith is the one who can forge your weapons with their orbs. He also appears in different places throughout the land.
Elinee Elinee This witch is responsible for turning the people of Pandora into zombies. She obeys Thanatos orders, as he supplies her with the magical herbs needed for her power.
Scorpion Army Boss Scorpion Army Boss This mad leader of the Scorpion army has a strange vision of somehow ruling the world.
Scorpion Army Boys Scorpion Army Boys These two guys blindly follow their boss' command.
Granpa Sprite Grandpa Sprite Popoie's grandfather. He survived the attack from the Empire on the Sprite village. He gives you the Elemental Sylphid.
King Truffle King Truffle The ruler of Matango. He helps you in your quest and raises Flammie for you.
Flammie Flammie Your main mode of transportation. That is, once you get him. No more cannon travel after you get Flammie!
Sergo Sergo Pirate of the 8 seas, until the Republic captured him. He helps you escape from the Sandship.
King Amar King Amar The King of Kakkara looks like a shopkeeper, and is hard of hearing. In exchange for a Sea Hare's Tail, he gives you the Moogle Belt.
Karon Karon The ferryman who takes you across the Sea of Stars to reach the Moon Palace.
Rudolph Rudolph A monster in the Ice Palace has kidnapped his master, and you've got to save him.
Santa Santa Rudolph's master, and prisoner of Frost Gigas. He gives you the Fire Seed.
Mara Mara She's considered a lunatic in Southtown, but it doesn't mean anything. You get the Resistance password and the Gold Tower key from her.
Resistance Member Resistance Member He is one of Krissie's followers in the Resistance.
Resistance Member Resistance Member She is one of Krissie's followers in the Resistance.
Krissie Krissie She's only 18, but she leads the Resistance. While in Northtown you meet up with her a few times. On the Lost Continent, she helps you along.
Pecard Pecard Pecard is the caretaker of the lighthouse. He informs you about the sunken continent under the Lost Continent.
Jehk/Joch Jehk/Joch Jehk is Sage Joch. As Jehk he tells you where to go next after you have Flammie. You have to prove yourself before he'll talk to you as Sage Joch.
Joch Joch He is the fake Sage Joch. You are led to believe that he is Joch until you show your will to overcome yourself.

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