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Secret of Mana Script



Randi: Hey! Guys! wait up!

Elliott: Shh! Be quiet! The elder will find us here and will be mad!

Timothy: Yeah. We're not supposed to be here. There's a ghost around!

Elliot: Ha! Do you really believe that? People say that to scare us!

Timothy: But I heard Grandma say something about a shiny object near the falls.

Elliot: That must be some kind of treasure! We have to find it!



They walk away, Randi falls down the waterfall...


Randi: Help! I'm falling!


After the fall:


Randi: Ouch! Phew! No way to get back up! What am I going to do?


Randi finds the sword...


Voice: Randi.......Remove the sword.......

Randi: Who are you?.. And what's this sword doing here?

*Randi removes the sword*

Randi: Oh! That light! So bright that I can't see!

*Ghost appears*

Ghost: Randi.....It is I who asked.......the sword....

Randi: ?! Say what? You mean this sword?

...The brilliant light is gone in an instant.

Randi: I have to get back!




Randi returns to Potos


Elder: Randi! You're not hurt! The just told me what happened!

Elliott: I thought you were a goner!

Timothy: I told you it was stupid to bring someone like HIM along!

Elder: You idiots! Weren't you told not to go there?

Elder: Randi? What's that you have? ..Oh no! It couldn't be!

Elliott: Cool! Did you find the treasure?

Timothy: Way to go!

Elder: What have you done?! How could YOU have pulled out the Mana Sword! It's impossible!

Timothy: The Mana Sword?! Legend has it that our village is finished...

Elder: If the sword is removed... It is said that the Mana Sword has been protecting our village from


Elliott: So that's it! That's why all the monsters are attacking us now!

How could an outsider like you yank out the sword and bring doom to us all!

*Elliott smacks Randi*

Randi: Hey! Stop it!

Elliott: YOU did it! It's YOUR fault! YOU!

Randi: Please, stop!


The earthquake comes, and Randi has to fight Mantis Ant

After the battle:


Man: You did it! Wait there, I'll pull you out!

Elliott: Whaaaaaah!

Man: That appears to be the real Mana Sword:

Randi: Huh? What?

Man: It is supposed to be pulled out by a knight in times of great trouble.

Problem is, you're too young!

Something must have happened to the Mana Sword.

Randi: Here! It's yours!

Man: Sorry, but the sword is losing its power and must be re-energized!

Only the person who pulled it free can do that.

Randi: What I should I do?

Man: Visit Sage Luka in the Water Palace. She's been protecting these lands for over 200 years.

Timothy: Randi! The elder wants you in his house!

Man: Well, I have to be off. Oh, and my name is Jema. I'll wait for you inside the Water Palace!

*Jema leaves*


Inside the elder's house:


Villager: Elder! We can't go on like that!

Villager: Yeah! There's no relief in sight!

Elder: ....Oh, Randi!

..You've really done it to me this time...The reason why monsters have appeared is because you removed

the sword!

Villager: It's settled. We can't let Randi stay in the village anymore!

Villager: If we do, monsters will come after him!

Villagers: Go! Get out of here! Yeah, on your way now!

*That ultra-cool sad music is playing*

Elder: I don't want to do this, but I have no choice. I'm going to have to ask you to leave.. You can take what's in the treasure chest downstairs.....

Elder: I took you and I raised you. But there's nothing I can do to help....

Please forgive me....

I know I've told you this before but....

Your mother brought you here when you were just a baby. Soon afterwards, she disappeared...

I took you and have done my best to raise you.. But now we must part....

I truly hope you'll find your mother someday...

Good bye Randi....

SCENE 3: Dwarf Village


The Popoie's show:


Dwarf: Step right in! The show is about to begin!


Dwarf: First, cast your eyes on this Rabiteman! The only one in the world!

Take one Rabite.. And one man.. And it's.. Rabiteman!

*Randi is upset*

Dwarf: Hey you! Pipe down!

And now, presenting an actual and very rare, Sprite Child!

Sprite: Boo, hoo , hoo! Ah! Won't you please help me?

Dwarf: yes folks.. It's pure tragedy! Weep as you hear his story!

This poor child has 50.000 GP dept to pay off!

It's here, working off the debt bit by bit. Oh please gentle people!

Please help it! Even 100 GP will help!

Sprite: Oh, joy! Thank you! I'll take that, thank you so much!


After the show, behind the scene:


Sprite: Well, how was that? What an actor I am! That guy was even crying!

Dwarf: Well., I wasn't too bad myself! We're gonna make a fortune!

*Randi appears!*


Sprite: Aiee! Did you overhear what we just said?

Elder: P....please forgive us! This child really IS a sprite child.

It used to live in the Sprite Forest, but a flood brought it here.

I thought I'd help it to earn the money to return home..

Sprite: Cool idea, huh?

Elder (to Sprite): hey! You have to apologize too!

Sprite: Harumph! Okay. I was wrong.

Elder: I'm ashamed of myself. I'll return your money..

Elder: Sorry...

Sprite: Didn't mean any harm....


*Tropicallo approaches*


After the battle:


Elder: Thank you very much!

Sprite: I didn't need your help!

Elder: Hey! Sorry about that.. This child receives such a shock from

drifting here it lost all its memories. It really is a nice child.

It plays tricks on people sometimes though...

Sprite: Come on old timer! Give me a break! Take it easy!

Elder: Tropicallo broke out of a sealed palace. There must be a way into it!

(to the sprite) : Your memory might return if you receive some power from the Mana Seed.

Sprite: What? Really? I'll go now, right now!!!

Elder: Not alone! The palace was buried. There be tons of monsters by now.

(to Randi) : Would you be so kind and accompany this sprite to the palace?

Randi: Yes

Elder: What luck! Did you hear that, little one?

Sprite: hey brother!

Randi: Brother? My name is Randi!

Sprite: Okay! Say, why don't you name me too.

That'll make it easier for you.

Popoie: Popoie? What kinda name is that? Like, ah, nice to meet ya!

*Popoie joined!*


SCENE 5: Pandora:


Inside the castle, Randi finds a girl who saved him from the goblins.


Girl: (talking to someone in the back): Dad! You're impossible!

I'll make my own decisions about my life!

(to you:) Hey! It's the guy I saved! say what? You're a swordsman?

Randi: Huh? Oh you mean.....this?

Girl: This is GREAT! I helped YOU, didn't I ?It's your turn.

We're going to teach that witch a lesson. We're going to save Dyluck!

Randi: But...I've got to go to the Underground Palace.

Girl: Later....LATER!

Girl: Right.. Let's go....uh...

Randi: I'm Randi

Girl: Oh, call me Purim

*Purim joined!*





Elinee's Castle


Elinee: Phew! What noisy little children! See what you get!

Elinee: (to Dyluck) Allow me the pleasure of sending you to Thanatos

*Dyluck disappears*

Purim: Dyluck! Elinee, what have you done with him?

Elinee: What have I done? Well, I just sent him to the ruins in Pandora.

My magic doesn't seem to work too well, and I couldn't handle him....

But Thanatos wanted him so I sent him there!

Purim: Thanatos?

Elinee: The head of secret organization that intends to overthrow the kingdom.

Purim: How could you!

Elinee: Tee, hee,hee...He's already dispatched most of the people in Pandora.

All that's left for Sir Thanatos is to storm the castle from the ruins.

Now, won't you be so kind and feed yourselves to my cute little Spikey!


Spiky Tiger appears...

After the battle:


Elinee: SHRIEK! Please forgive me!

Elinee: Sorry.. The magical herbs that grow in this forest have withered

I have been trading the villagers for Thanatos's herbs. From now on, I'll

simply be a normal elderly lady, and live peacefully.

If you're looking for that other kid. he's at the ruins south of Pandora.

You can take what's in the treasure chest. I don't need it anymore.

The orb in the Underground Palace? You need to use the magic of ice. But

I don't have any more magical power left.


SCENE 7: Undine's cave


After the battle with Tonpole:


Undine: Thank you! I am Undine. My power is your reward. I'll give you 2

kinds of magic. Purim can use my recovery and defense magic. Popoie

can use my battle magic.

Randi:.....and me?

Undine: Your Mana Sword will one day become more powerful than any magic!

You can receive an Elemental's power, such as Ice Saber on your sword!

Purim can use Ice Saber on your weapon to turn enemies into snowmen!

And this! Take this with you. It is one of the Mana weapons.

*Received Pole Dart!*

Undine: Call me anytime!

Popoie: Nothing can stop me now!




Randi: This is the stage room....

*Gnome appears*

Gnome: You can't barge in here! WE gnomes won't allow this!

Popoie: What a wind bag!

Gnome: Little brat!

*Popoie hits Gnome*

Popoie: Take this!

Gnome: This is an outrage!

*Fire Gigas comes*

Gnome: Oh, oh...I'm out of here!

Purim: Look! Back there!


The heroes fight Fire Gigas


After the battle:


Gnome: Phew! Thanks! That oaf was ALWAYS bugging me.

Forgive me, I used you to get some relief.

Popoie: Dolt! Serve ME and maybe I'll forgive you.

Otherwise, I'll throw you to my servant, Randi.

Gnome: Aiee! No! Let me be YOUR servant!

Randi: Hey! Who're YOU calling a servant?

Gnome: Oh dear! Anyway, call me anytime, anywhere.

Now, close your eyes....

Gnome: Both of you, and your wife may summon me.

Purim: WHAT?! ME married to.....THAT?!

Popoie: I like your style, Gnome!

Gnome: Well, that's that. I'll be seeing you.

*Got Gnome's powers!*

Randi: To the Mana Seed!

Randi seals the seed. Popoie stays on the stage.

Randi: Hey, Popoie!

Popoie comes closer to the seed....

Popoie: Oww!.. my head! (he falls)

Purim: You okay?


Randi: What's wrong?

Popoie: Whew! I can remember everything now! We live in the Upper Land forest!

You've got to take me there! I'll let you hang out with me until we arrive.

Randi: What a treat!


SCENE 8: The ruins


The heroes find Thanatos...


Randi: Thanatos, I presume?

Thanatos: Indeed. I know all about you. You're no ordinary fool if you can

beat Elinee.

Purim: Hand over Phanna and Dyluck, and make the people of the town as they were!

Thanatos: Ho, ho, ho....What a spirited young lass!

I suppose THIS is Phanna!

Phanna appears behind Thanatos

Thanatos: Too bad, huh? I've drained her energy, and now she's my faithful

servant. I need life energy to create a new, peaceful world, understand?

Soon, the Mana Fortress will bring the people of the world together!

Surrender, and you can serve me. Don't, and you'll end up like him!

Dyluck appears next to Phanna

Purim: Dyluck!

Thanatos: He was a tough one. I see Elinee had hard time with him too.

he must be receiving some kind of special power. Great find, huh??

And you can join him now!

The heroes fight wall Face....


The Dwarf Village:


Jema: The thieves are below. Next, they'll hit the Underground Palace.

I'll handle the Palace. You check this out!

Keep alert! We don't know what lies below!

Elder: What could make a hole, THIS big???


Party enters the Underground Ship


The Scorpion Army: Aha! The water seed!

Boys: How did you get in here? You realize we can't let you leave...

Boss: Welcome! We, the Scorpion army, will rule the world!

Boys: Check it out!

Boss: Shuddup! WE took the Water seed...To complete our Super Deluxe Robot!

We call it "Kilroy"..

Boys: Hubba, hubba!

Boss: Do it!!!

Boys: Aie, aie , Sir.

Kilroy appears

Boss: Go get them now! See ya, farewell. Goodbye children!


Boss: Aiee! What's wrong?

Boys: Too much energy. It's out of control!

Boss: Noo! Remove the seed! Use the auxiliary power!

*Battle with Kilroy*

Boss: NUTS! Oh well....See ya, bye!

*Recovered the Mana seed*!!!



SCENE 9: The Water Palace?


The party comes back to the Water Palace, and is very surprised....


Randi: Luka!

Luka: get out of here, fast!

Geshtar: Who have we here? I'm Geshtar, of the Empire!

Hand over that seed or Luka's had it!

Luka: DON'T!


Geshtar: Idiot!

Randi: Ouch! Can't move!

Geshtar: So glad the seed's here. Too bad we have to break the seal!

Luka: Stop it!

Geshtar: Well, nice to have met you all!

*Jabberwocky attacks*

After the battle:


Jema: Imperial forces have drawn back. We managed to defeat their monsters

in Pandora too. I got this from one of them. You should have it.

*Got Whip's orb!*

Jema: Randi! We're running out of time. I'll return home, and stop

the Empire there. Only the restored Mana Sword can beat the Fortress.

Talk to the Cannon man in Potos. He'll send you to the Upper Land.

Luka: Now! Use your sword to restore the seal put on the seed!

Randi seals that seed.

Luka: Pure evil seeks the seed now. You must hurry, and revive the Mana Sword.

Go to the Lofty Mountains and see Sage Joch to learn about real courage.

Then go to all eight of the world's palaces, and reactivate the seeds!

You will be able to receive Mana power from the seeds once you reactivate them.


SCENE 10: The Wind Palace


Old man: Groan...uh...

Popoie: Grandpa!

Grandpa: Uhh...sounds like.....'Zat you little tyke?!

Popoie: Grandpa, can't you see me?

Grandpa: Empire's men came and undid the Wind seal...A bright flash stunned me!

The others...they're....

Purim: This is awful!

Popoie: NO! They must've escaped!

Grandpa: I suppose so... Uwa, ha, ha!

Popie: Grandpa!

Grandpa: Gwa,..ha! Okay, okay!

Tyke! WE sprites are a part of Mana. That beast couldn't have beat us!

But humans are breaking seals, and releasing monsters...Which are

consuming our source of life!.. Mana!

Popoie: ...I'll put a stop to that immediately! These two can help!

Randi: ...

Grandpa: I'd go with you if I could see better!

At least take Sylphid, the wind elemental, with you!

Sylphid appears

Sylphid: You called, master?

Grandpa: These young people are now your master!

Sylphid: It is so!

Grandpa: Use Analyzer to learn what magic works on the crystal orbs.

Use your magic on the orb in this forest to open the way to Matango!

It's said that a white dragon lives in a cave north of Matango.

The dragon can help you! Go now, and worry not about me!

Popoie: Grandpa! Everyone'll be back soon! Me too!

Grandpa: Come back whenever you're tired.. Let me fix you up! Take care!




Truffle: Here at last! The legendary knight!


Truffle: You don't think we have legends here like everywhere else?

*Riding a white dragon, and wielding the Sword, they shall save the world..*

Truffle: That's you guys. I knew it right away! Just yesterday, one

of my people saw a white dragon fighting a huge snake! Use the 1st floor

exit on the right of the cave. Palace? I know where it is, but first

find the cave! Then I'll tell you how to reach the Palace. Oh, and there is

something upstairs for you.


After the battle with the Great Viper, the heroes find a young white dragon,

alone in the cave.

Randi: THIS is the legendary white dragon?.. Its parents must've been beaten by that serpent...

Dragon: Kue kuee!

Purim: It won't make it if we leave it here... It's way too big for us to carry...Let's ask Truffle.


In Matango:


Truffle: He'll only slow you I'll raise him!

Nobleman: K.....King Truffle!

Truffle: QUIET, you!

You three get going, I'll take good care of him!

By the way, how do you like the name "Flammie"?

Hang on! I sound like an idiot! You'd agree with me whether you liked the name or not!

So let's call him Flammie. and be done with it! Cannon Travel is open again to the south.

You'll find the Fire Palace somewhere in the desert of Kakkara.




The party finds Salamando in the bucket....


Salamando: Whew, thanks! I'm the Fire Elemental Salamando! How dare those

creatures use me as

a heater?!

Now, let me teach you the power of FIRE!

*Salamando gives his powers to the party*

Scorpion Army approaches

Boss: YOU again?! (to the boys): Didn't you recognize them?

Boys: Uh, sorry...

Boss: Everyone's gone! I was about to become rich!

Huh? Fire palace seed? I haven't a clue.

Boys: I saw an old guy when we nabbed Salamando!

Boss: DON'T help them!

See ya, bye!


In the Ice Palace (after defeating the Frost Gigas)


Randi: And you are?

Rudolph: Master! Santa Claus! Are you all right?

Santa: Oh, Rudolph. Sorry to have worried you! I'm fine now!

I turned into Frost Gigas because kids just no longer believed in me.

When Mana fades, kids lose their hopes and dreams..

I wanted so badly to bring back all of their dreams...

Then I heard that Mana Trees grow instantly, and become huge! I set off to

find a Mana Seed, thinking I could grow a huge Christmas tree!

But it was the SEED that changed my body, and turned me into that monster!

If the power of Mana is abused, it can be VERY dangerous!

Here, take the Fire seed. You need it.. right?




The resistance base:


Krissie: Who're you? Imperial spies?

Randi: Hardly!

Krissie: Jema told us about you! Welcome to the Resistance!

Randi: I'm Randi, how do you do?

Purim: Wow! You're a ....woman!!!

Popoie: Jealous?

Purim: Knock it off, I'm Dyluck's girl!

Krissie: You KNOW Dyluck?

Purim: Of course...why?

Krissie: A "Dyluck"s been draining people's energy at the ruins to the east.

Purim: Like in Pandora! But why's Dyluck.....

Krissie: Something must be controlling him. We'll check on that.


In front of the ruins:


Purim: Phanna! Wake up! Are you okay Phanna?


Phanna: Dyluck and I are happy here! WE just love being together!

Purim: Liar!

Phanna: Don't you wish?

Purim hits Phanna

Phanna: Ooh!

Purim: Oh...Phanna..Phanna..I...

Randi: Let's get her to Krissie's.

Popoie: Come on, Purim

Krissie: Randi! What's up?

Randi! Krissie! Can you help her?

Krissie: No sweat. I'll take her to our doctor.

Purim: Please!

Krissie: Go help Dyluck...


At the end of the ruins party meets Dyluck


Purim: Dyluck!

Dyluck: ..Purim! At last!

Purim: Dyluck! I'm so glad you're safe!

*Dyluck suddenly drains Purim's energy*

Randi: What are you doing?

Dyluck: Pesky girl...

Popoie: Bring her back, now!

Dyluck: Sorry, but Thanatos need her help.

Randi: You can't be serious! She LOVES you! I can't handle this!

*Randi hits Dyluck*

Dyluck: Ouuch! Uh... Purim.. Purim! Ahh!.. Thanks, I needed that!

I can't move so please help Purim!

Go through the door back there.


Party meets Thanatos in the back


Randi: Purim! Ahhh!

Thanatos: Guwu, ha, ha! Stick around!

Her life force is strong! She'll.. hey! What the..?

*Dyluck revives Purim*

Thanatos: Idiot! Stop it!

Purim: Where am I.....

Randi: You can move?!

Popoie: We can too!

Thanatos: Ah! Dyluck! he sent her some power!

Who does he think he's toying with?

*** I grew tired of you... Vampire, take'em!***


After the battle:


Purim: Where's Dyluck? Dyluck! Dyluck!!

Randi: Purim.... Popie:.. Let's go...

Purim: I'm okay.. I'll find him.. I'm sure...



What Shade, Lumina and Luna say after you find them...




Shade: I am the spirit of darkness, and an elemental of Mana.

Few have defeated my dark servants.. take my powers as your reward!




Lumina: I am Lumina! The king was robbing me off my power! He was

forcing me to make gold! My power should not be used by anyone but you!

Take my powers, before evil engulfs us all!




Luna: I, Luna, the moon spirit have awaited you.

So sad this place has grown...

But enough! Take my powers! GO! Mana is fading...




Tasnica castle


Jema: Randi! I hardly recognized you!

Randi: What's up?

Jema: There's an imperial spy in the castle. He's after the King! Beware!

*Jema leaves*


In the throne room:


King: Who are you? You must be spies!

Randi: Wait a minute....

Guard: Silence, spy.

King: Take them away!

Guard! WAIT! he's not the king!

King(?):Ha! Using the king I could have ruined this realm...But...

I've failed...Take THIS!

*Guards disappear*

Randi: What have you done?

King(?): They're probably at the castle's entrance!

Think I'll have YOU destroy the king!

Randi: Think again!





Jehk: Hey! get out of here!

Randi: Not in, AGAIN?!

Jehk: His sageness will see you...

*Joch appears*

Jehk: Before you sits his reverence, Joch! I'm his disciple, Jehk.

Joch: Zxyndra Qu......

Jehk: Master speaks in the old tongue! Allow me!

You must undergo a test. Conquer the ones within, and you'll find...Courage...

Will you try?(Yes)

Jehk: Right. Good luck.


After the battle with shadows:


Party: We won! Huh? Where's Joch?

Jehk: Well done! When you put your hearts together, nothing can stop you!

You will master the Sword by joining courage, knowledge, and love. I am Joch.

The old man was an illusion.

Randi: Why didn't you help us SOONER?

Joch: You weren't ready yet. Your ears could hear, but not your hearts.

I waited for you to find your inner strength. Go now. The emperor seeks

to raise the sunken land...Atop the coral, you'll find the Tree Palace.

Below, lies the Mana Fortress. Something evil seeks the seeds! Hurry!


SCENE 16: The Tree Palace


Emperor: So glad to see you. You're going to like this.

The ancient continent will surface, once I've broken all the palace seals.

Once I break this last seal, the Mana Fortress will rise!

Too bad you won't be around. Who wants a job?

Sheex: I owe them since the republic! Leave it to me!

Randi: You? You're the dalk stalker?

Sheex: Behold! Have a taste of my true power!

*Sheex morphs into Aegegagropilon*

Sheex: ha! The underworld gives us strength! I'll squash you!

The contract we signed with the Underworld, gives us control of THIS world!

To keep humans under my control, we're reviving the Mana Fortres!

Now your time is over....


After the battle:


Party: The seal's melting! We're not gonna make it!

Randi tries to seal the seed

No good! It's too late!

Dryad appears

Dryad: Get out of here, NOW!

Dryad: I'm Dryad, the tree spirit. The seals on world's seeds have been

broken...The continent that sleeps beneath this palace will soon rise!

Leave now!

Purim: What about you?

Dryad: I wasn't able to save this palace.. I'll go down with it!

Popie: Idiot! What will that serve? Come! Help us save Mana!

Dryad: Thanatos sealed my "Mana" magic. I won't be much of help..

Purim: Don't worry! Let's go!

Popoie: Hurry!


Well, okay.....I'll do what I can..


Party: Oh no! It's rising! Call Flammie!

*The hidden continent rises.....*



SCENE 17: The Lost Continent


The Scorpion Army:


Boss: Hey, you!

Boys: You!

Boss: I did some noising around...seems this kid is the "legendary knight"!

How, ha! What a joke! How could YOU have found that blade? hand it over!

Boys: Yeah! We're gonna be rich, boss!

Boss: Shaddap and go get it!

..Super Special Deluxe Robot, Type 2!


(After the battle with Snap Dragon)


Party sees the Emperor on the stage: ?...Looks kind of odd!

Popoie: The Emperor! But he's..! What the..?

Hey! Now there's an exit behind the stage!


Fahna: You made it!

Randi: Did YOU beat the Emperor?

Fanha: I'm afraid so! WE'd rule the world if we had the Mana Fortress!

Randi; We? Who else is here?

Thanatos approaches

Randi: Thanatos!

Thanatos: Aha! Long time, no see , little one!

Purim: Where's Dyluck? Is he safe?

Thanatos: Of course! He's about to become my new body!

Purim:....What are you up to?

Fanha: Never you mind! Now Thanatos, to the fortress....

Revenge is SO sweet...Bye bye forever...


SCENE 18: The Mana Tree


*Mana music plays*


Randi: Where are we?

Purim:... Look!!!

The Mana Tree!

Popoie: We're here! Let's revive the Mana Sword!

Purim: It's like a dream.....

...Can we REALLY be here?

..Randi...We've done it!

I'm so glad I met you... And you too , Popoie!

Popoie: I'm so lucky I found such good help!

Randi: So much has happened...

WE never gave up hope...

And we have just one more job to do. Ask the Mana Tree to revive the sword.

Then we can beat the Fortress!

*Suddenly, the Fortress shows up*

(Thanatos): Ha! Now see the power of the Mana Fortress!

Popoie: Heeeelp! hey.. You guys okay?

Purim: Heeeelp!

*Thanatos destroys the Mana Tree.."

In front of the dead Mana Tree:


Randi: Where are we? There's no Mana Tree...

Popoie: What the...after all we've been through! It's THANATOS's doing!

Purim: ..what's going to happen now?

*The screen turns green*

Mana Tree: ..Randi....It is I, the Mana Tree.

The Mana Fortress is using up most of the world's Mana.

Soon, all the beasts of the world will be transformed into one giant creature...

Only the great Mana Beast can bring back Mana.

But the beast has little control over its rage. If it were to attack the

Fortress, the world would be finished.

The only way to avoid this is to beat it using the Mana Sword. The sword

can only be used by people of the Tribe of Mana.

Your father, the legendary knight, Serin, should be standing here now.

He was badly wounded 15 years ago by the Emperor, but vowed to stop him.

On his way to a final showdown, he fell and never got up. That was in


Randi: You mean the ghost I saw by the falls was my dad?

Mana Tree: That was your father, Serin. I was his wife...

and am your mother.

We are of the Mana Tribe. The women of our kind become the Tree, and the

protectors of the world. The men wield the sword and protect against evil!

You must stop the Fortress. Mana is weak, and its shields are down.

With my last energy, I will summon the power of the seeds of Mana.

***Sword power at maximum!***

Mana Tree: ...Randi.... I'm sorry I haven't been much of a mother to you..

*The Mana Tree dies...*

Randi: Mother! Is that REALLY you? Please..! ...mother? Why won't you

talk to me? Mother!!

Purim: Randi.....

Randi: Mother....

Popoie:.. this is nuts!

Popoie hits Randi

Popoie: Snap out of it! She's asked us to do something!

Purim doesn't have a mother.. And neither do I!

Randi: ...sorry.. I'll.. be okay.

Randi: I've got a lot to live up to, and we've got a big job ahead!

Popoie: Now you're talking number one!

Purim: Yeah! I feel like I just met my mom too! I know she's in my


Popoie: All right! Let's do it! Yeah!




SCENE 19: The final showdown.


At the end of the Fortress:


Purim: Dyluck!

Thanatos: For ages I have been searching...for a human with the

power to conquer this born in the shadow of darkness,

and raised in the light of Mana. Dyluck is the one.

I cannot wait any longer.

It is time!

Using his body I will take the Mana Fortress, and rule the world!

Purim: Dyluck! Resist him with all your might!

Purim hits Thanatos

Thanatos: Urggh... ahh.. kack! I must...hurry.. This body is...... breaking up! me! Guhuf!

Purim: Dyluck! Snap out of it!

Dyluck: Where am I?

Thanatos: Gwa ha ha! How good this new body feels! I grow strong!

Purim: Liar! You can't just STEAL somebody's body!!

Thanatos: My dear, I can do anything I want! Ha.. ha-huh? Can't.. move!


Dyluck: Purim.....Can you hear me? It's me, Dyluck..

He's too strong.. I'm finished, but I can help you...Thanatos is an ancient

sorcerer who sold his heart to the underworld. Though his life force is eternal, he hasn't his own body. His life force is growing darker..

He feeds on hatred and destruction!

Thanatos: Ohh! Silence!

Purim: I'm so sorry I won't see you again. But I have to do this.

Dyluck: You're Randi, right? Take care of Purim..

Purim: Dyluck! Stop it! Please! Dyluck! STOP IT!

Thanatos: Ugrrrrrrrr!

Dark Lich appears

Thanatos: I forbid this! Just when I was about to be reborn! I...must withdraw!



*Final battle with Thanatos*


After Thanatos's death


*The seal on Dryad's Mana magic is gone!*

Purim: Ooh!....Dyluck!!!

Randi: Purim...

Fortress shakes

Randi: What the?!

let's get out of here!

Popoie falls

Popoie: Uwaa!

Randi: What is it?

Popoie: ...whew...! I'm okay.. just dizzy!

We have to get out of here, NOW!


Popoie: It's a Mana Beast!!!!!!!!

Purim: Isn't it a Flammie?

Randi: I guess Flammies were once Mana Beasts...

Popoie: Hurry, or the Mana Beast will ruin the world!

Popoie: Come on! Do it!

Randi: I can't.. I won't hurt a Mana Beast! I can't!

They are only trying to restore Mana!


If you use up all your Mana power, you'll disappear!

Purim: Oh, NO!

Randi: Right.. I can't go through with this....


whaddaya mean? I'm NOT gonna kick the bucket!

My world is separate from this one. It just means I won't...see you again.

ok, if we don't stop the Mana Beast, your world is finished, right?

Everything will perish. Trees....animals.....PEOPLE! That must not happen!

YOU have the Mana Sword.

YOU must save this world...

You have no choice!

You made a vow to your mother, the Mana Tree, right? I'll be okay.

Randi: All right...

you're sure?

Popoie: OF COURSE! Later, Purim!


The final battle...




Randi: Popoie! He's gone! I didn't even say goodbye.....

Purim: Popoie.....

Popoie, I'll never foget you! Ever!

Randi: Me too...

...and Dyluck too....

But we must be strong.

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