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Seiken Densetsu 3 Main Characters
| Duran | Angela | Carlie | Lise | Hawk | Kevin |
Duran is a well-known fighter of the kingdom Forcena. His father served the king as a royal knight and was known as the best knight the kingdom had produced. It was his battle with the Dragon Emperor which killed Duran's father, and left his aunt to take care of him. Duran vowed to become a knight and avenge his father by defeating the Dragon Emperor. As the main character, Duran becomes caught up in the invasion the Altena kingdom makes on Forcena, and eventually has the responsibility to stop the Dragon Emperor from taking over the world.

Duran is skilled in sword-play, and uses his swords effectively. His magic spells mainly involve healing spells and saber-effect spells.
Duran's Statistics
Duran Weapon of choice: Knight's Sword Origin: Kingdom of Forcena Status: Knight-in-training Age: 17

Angela is the young proncess of the Magic Kingdom Altena. She has grown up as a lonely girl and has always known her mother, the Queen, to be not interested in Angela and never spending any time with her. Although her younger days were difficult, she has managed to grow up as a find young lady and is already on her way to becoming a great magician. She has learned magic from her good friend Jose, and she uses a staff as a weapon. Angela noticed that the Queen had begun to act strangely ever since Koren, a powerful magician, began to act as her advisor. They planned to obtain the eight Mana Stones to take over the world, and they attempted to kill Angela to use her for the Water Stone. Angela escaped and begins her adventure to stop Koren's evil plans.

Her skill with magic makes Angela the best character for attack magic. Regardless of which class type she is, Angela will always have attack magic and utilizes almost all eight elementals to create spells.
Angela's Statistics
Angela Weapon of choice: Sorcerer Staff Origin: Magic Kingdom of Altena Status: Magician-in-training Age: 19

Carlie is a young sprite from the Flowergarden Land Diorre. Her parents were an elf and a human, and this was forbidden among the elfs. Soon after Carlie was born they died and the Priest of Light took Carlie to the city Wendel and raised her there. Her speech is a little babyish, but she has matured well and is learning the art of magic. Her close friend Heath was kidnapped one day by a mysterious dark being, so she has begun a journey to find and rescue Heath.

Carlie uses a ball and chain for a weapon, and when she is at light classes, can learn many healing spells which greatly help out the group. Her strength is not as good as the others, but she makes up for this by having plenty of spells which can help out.
Carlie's Statistics
Carlie Weapon of choice: Ball and Chain Origin: Holy City Wendel Status: Priestess Age: 15

Lise is the young Amazon princess of the Wind Kingdom Rolante. As the entire population of the kingdom are female, she has learned the art of fighting and has earned a high rank amongst the army. High up on a treacherous mountain, the castle is well protected against attack. But one day, Lise's brother Elliot was tricked by two Navarre ninjas and the entire Navarre army, lead by the mysterious Bigieu attacked and took over the kingdom. Lise escaped, and is now planning to re-take the castle.

Lise's skill with her spear allows her to successfully cause heavy damage to enemies and when she is at light classes she can use ability enhancing spells which can greatly assist during battles against boss guardians.
Lise's Statistics
Lise Weapon of choice: Amazon Spear Origin: Wind Kingdom Rolante Status: Amazoness Warrior Age: 16

Hawk is a well-known thief of the Navarre Thief Guild. He lives in the Navarre fortress which is hidden in the vast desert. One day, a mysterious woman known as Bigieu entered the fortress and imprisoned the king while taking control of all the soldiers and armies of Navarre. She planned to use them to obtain the eight Mana Stones. During the raid, Bigieu killed Hawk's good friend Eagle and framed him for the murder. Hawk escaped, and is now trying to re-take the Navarre fortress and defeat Bigieu.

Hawk is highly skilled with his daggers, and can strike an enemy twice in the one hit. His thieving skills give him special techniques rather than spells, in which he can set traps and use several weapons to damage the enemy.
Hawk's Statistics
Hawk Weapon of choice: Thief's Daggers Origin: Navarre Fortress Status: Thief Age: 17

Kevin is the young prince of the Beast Kingdom. His father, the Beast King, had Kevin with his human wife, and so Kevin is half-human and half-beastman. Kevin's best friend is a small wolf named Karl, and Kevin spends most of his time training with Karl. Kevin noticed that a strange dark being had begun to give the Beast King ideas of wiping out all the humans on the planet by obtaining the eight Mana Stones. The Beast King agreed, and the entire kingdom began to invade other lands in search of the stones. Kevin left the kingdom and is trying to find the Priest of Light so that he can revive Karl who was earlier killed by the dark being.

Kevin's excellent fighting skills make him a powerful ally. He can also strike an enemy more than once each hit, and can deliver heavy blows with his special techniques. Kevin only has a few spells available, but they are useful as they involve healing spells.
Kevin's Statistics
Kevin Weapon of choice: Fist Origin: Beast Kingdom Status: Beast Warrior Age: 15

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