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Seiken Densetsu 3 Class Changes
Seiken Densetsu 3 has a new and different experience system. Each character has a different "class" defining their light or dark side. As they advance, the character becomes stronger, so changing to a new class is a must. You change a class twice in the game using a Mana Stone. First at level 18 and then at level 38, but for the final class change you will need a special item to break the seal. Light side abilities tend to use healing and ability raising magic, and the Dark side uses power down attacks on enemies and focuses more on attack. The story does not change according to the classes of your characters, so you can use whichever class you want. Each character begins at a neutral class.
Light Dark
Duran's Classes
Knight Gladiator
Knight Gladiator
Paladin Lord Swordmaster Duelist
Paladin Lord Swordmaster Duelist
Knight (Light) The Knight's heart, techniques, and body are greater than the Fighter's, and he values honor and trust more than his own life. He can cast a healing spell.
Tech Attack: 3-Step Cut
Paladin (Light + Light) The Paladin is a fighter who defends the weak and innocent. He can use a healing spell, as well as a spell that gives weapons attributes of Light.
Tech Attack: Flashing Sword
Lord (Light + Dark) Lord usually means an owner of land, but here it means a fighter who has faith in himself and fights for those who depend on him. His offensive powers are lower than the Paladin, but he can use two healing spells.
Tech Attack: Magic Circle
Gladiator (Dark) The Gladiator values fighting itself more than honor and trust to others. He uses neither spells nor shields.
Tech Attack: Whirlwind Sword
Swordmaster (Dark + Light) The Swordmaster has lived in darkness, but he hasn't forgotten his duty. He is similar to a Samurai. He has keen senses, and he lives for real battles. He can give his weapon earth, fire, water, or wind attributes to maximize his power.
Tech Attack: Vaccum Blade
Duelist (Dark + Dark) The Duelist wants nothing but to fight, and he only finds happiness in conquering his opponent. He has the most offensive power of any fighter class, and can use spells that gives weapons Darkness attributes.
Tech Attack: Eruption Sword
Angela's Classes
Sorceress Delvar
Sorceress Delvar
Grand Divina Archmage Rune Master Magus
Grand Divina Archmage Rune Master Magus
Sorceress (Light) The Sorceress is the result of Light class change from the magician. She can use more spells than the magician, but is not good with dark magic, since she is now aligned with the Light side.
Tech Attack: Pink Typhoon
Grand Divina (Light + Light) The Grand Divina is the highest and purest class of magician. She is well versed in different spells and can cast two spells at the same time.
Tech Attack: Spiral Rod
Archmage (Light + Dark) The Archmage is a magician who received her powers from the spirits. Thus, she uses the spirits to cast the strong spells. She uses the rod which can only be used with the permission of the spirits.
Tech Attack: Dancing Rod
Delvar (Dark) The Delvar emphasizes the power of the magic, rather than the purpose of using it. Unlike the Sorceress, she is more aligned with darkness spells.
Tech Attack: Star Attack
Rune Master (Dark + Light) The Rune Master makes use of the strong, dark side of spells. Her spells can stone the enemy and beat them in one strike.
Tech Attack: 10 Tons
Magus (Dark + Dark) The Magus is a dark magician who took the wrong path when searching for the source of magic. Since she was searching for the source of magic, her spells can cause unusual things to happen.
Tech Attack: Hot Shot
Carlie's Classes
Priestess Enchantress
Priestess Enchantress
Bishop Sage Necromancer Evil Shaman
Bishop Sage Necromancer Evil Shaman
Priestess (Light) The Priestess is the class a Cleric obtains with further training. She can use Light spells and party healing spells.
Tech Attack: Jump
Bishop (Light + Light) The Bishop is the highest of the holy classes. She can use most Light spells, and can destroy undead monsters with her holy power.
Tech Attack: ChopChop
Sage (Light + Dark) The Sage enjoys ordered studies. She can use healing spells, light spells, and some spells that give weapons elemental attributes.
Tech Attack: BoomBoom
Enchantress (Dark) The Enchantress can bring non-living things to life, but she's already diverging from the Light side. She can use some healing spells and can summon magical creatures.
Tech Attack: Dash
Necromancer (Dark + Light) The Necromancer is a wreck of alignment who profanes life by controlling corpses. She can use healing spells, but is much better at Darkness spells that summon undead monsters.
Tech Attack: Craaaazy
Evil Shaman (Dark + Dark) The Evil Shaman is a follower of the evil god, and controls the beasts that lurk in the dark. She can summon demons and breathe out Demon's breath at enemies.
Tech Attack: HugeHuge
Hawk's Classes
Ranger Ninja
Ranger Ninja
Wanderer Rogue Ninja Master Nightblade
Wanderer Rogue Ninja Master Nightblade
Ranger (Light) The Ranger communes with nature, can identify monsters, and sets traps. He uses supporting spells, and can change his appearance as camofoulage.
Tech Attack: Flying Swallow Toss
Wanderer (Light + Light) The Wanderer has separated himself from society and resides in nature. He knows the Ranger's techniques and can use Tree and Moon spells.
Tech Attack: Dance of Roses
Rogue (Light + Dark) The Rogue always looks out for himself, and will use any means necessary to get his task done. He is often viewed as a violent person, but he is not on the Dark side. He can set stronger traps than the Ranger, and can use Tree and Moon spells.
Tech Attack: Thousand Slice
Ninja (Dark) The Ninja has mastered the art of silently assasinating the enemy. He can control nature and uses four elementals as means of attack. He can also throw Shurikens.
Tech Attack: Silhouette Slice
Ninja Master (Dark + Light) The advanced class of Ninja is the Ninja Master. He can perform rapid Shuriken throws, hide in the shadows, and attacks with four elementals.
Tech Attack: Shadow Dive
Nightblade (Dark + Dark) The Nightblade is a professional assasin who beats enemies with certainty. He is experienced at using poisonous mists and poisonous needle traps.
Tech Attack: Split-Image Slice
Lise's Classes
Valkyrie Rune Maiden
Valkyrie Rune Maiden
Vanadis Star Lancer Dragon Master Fenrir Knight
Vanadis Star Lancer Dragon Master Fenrir Knight
Valkyrie (Light) The Valkyrie is a legendary war goddess. She can cast spells that enhance her and other's abilities.
Tech Attack: Vaccum Surge Spear
Vanadis (Light + Light) The Vanadis is a goddess who separates the soul of a dead person from their body. She casts spells that enhance her and other's abilities, and she attacks with a Light spear. She can summon the god Freya.
Tech Attack: Light Ball Spear
Star Lancer (Light + Dark) The Star Lancer is as cold and pure as the stars in the sky. She casts spells that enhance herself and other party menbers. She can summon the winged god Marduke.
Tech Attack: Falling Star
Rune Maiden (Dark) The Rune Maiden remains pure to maximize her strength. She willingly casts spells that weaken opponents to guarantee her victory.
Tech Attack: Flying Heaven Spear
Dragon Master (Dark + Light) The Dragon Master can control dragons with her strength she aquired fighting alongside them. Like the Rune Maiden, she willingly casts spells that weaken opponents, but she also can summon the legendary dragon Jormungand.
Tech Attack: Dragon Fang Spear
Fenrir Knight (Dark + Dark) The Fenrir Knight is a fighter who was has been named Fenrir after a legendary wolf. She uses magic that decreases all of the enemies' abilities and can summon the dark beast Lamian Naga.
Tech Attack: Hundred Flower Dance
Kevin's Classes
Monk Bashkar
Monk Bashkar
God Hand Warrior Monk Delvish Death Hand
God Hand Warrior Monk Delvish Death Hand
Monk (Light) The Monk is a martial artist who emphasizes mental training. He can cast a healing spell and enhance his strength as a beastman.
Tech Attack: Whirlwind Kick, Tornado Throw
God Hand (Light + Light) The God Hand is an ultimate martial artist who has a great heart, technique, and body. Holy power is rumored to reside in his fists. He can cast a healing spell and a special magic spell called Aura Wave.
Tech Attack: Byakko Shockwave, Stardust Bomb
Warrior Monk (Light + Dark) The Warrior Monk uses his mental power to draw out his inner strength. He can cast a healing spell and a spell which makes his fists steal MP from enemies.
Tech Attack: Genbu 100-Kick, Blow Impact
Bashkar (Dark) Unlike the Monk, the Bashkar only searched for strength. He doesn't use spells, but his offensive power is much higher than the Monk's.
Tech Attack: Water-Moon Slice, Bastard Slam
Delvish (Dark + Light) The Delvish has concealed his feelings and trained further than the Bashkar. He can cast magic which makes his fists steal HP from enemies.
Tech Attack: Seiryuu Death Fist, Dead Crush
Death Hand (Dark + Dark) The Death Hand has sold his heart to evil to obtain greater power. His offensive power is extremely high, while his defense protects him against heavy attacks.
Tech Attack: Suzaku Sky Dance, Veritubach

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