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Seiken Densetsu 3 Characters
Important: Please read this before going any further
There are many characters encountered in this game, and each one usually has an important role in the game. Each character has their own set of characters at the beginning of the game, and there are several characters that you meet no matter who you choose as your main character. Just a quick note though, the descriptions of the characters are very detailed and will tell you a lot about that character. Some information about them is revealed at the end of the game, so if you want to discover their secrets for yourself, do not read their descriptions or it will spoil the game for you.

In order of appearance: Duran

King Richard King Richard King Richard is the kind-hearted leader of Forcena, and a brave warrior. He fought alongside Duran's father Loki against the Dragon Emperor when he was younger, and became king shortly after Loki's death. He has confidence in Duran and hopes to see him become one of the Knights of Gold.
Forcena Soldier Forcena Soldier The soldiers of Forcena, they serve King Richard well.
Loki Loki Duran's father fought bravely with King Richard during the war against the Dragon Emperor's army, until he lost his battle against the Dragon Emperor himself. His body was never recovered, so he was thought to be lost.
Simone Simone Simone is Loki's wife, and Duran's mother. She was distraught to hear the news of Loki's death, and soon after succumbed with grief.
Stella Stella Stella is Simone's sister. She takes in the responsibility of raising Duran and Wendy after they became orphans.
Wendy Wendy Wendy never knew her parents very well, as both she and Duran were very young when they were orphaned. She is usually playful around Duran.
Darkshine Knight Darkshine Knight The Darkshine Knight appears to be Koren's loyal servant, but Duran eventually discovers that this evil knight is actually the spirit of his father. The Dragon Emperor stole Loki's soul when he died and used it so Loki became the Dragon Emperor's servant.

In order of appearance: Angela

Queen of Reason Queen of Reason Angela's mother never payed much attention to her, so Angela grew up without knowing too much about her mother. Valda rules the kingdom of Altena, and keeps the weather their at a normal rate with her magic. She and Koren plan to use her to cast a spell that would release the Mana Stone's energy, but kill her in the process.
Koren Koren Koren proves to be a dangerous enemy, as his magical powers are very strong. He used to be a normal person who was slowly learning magic with Angela under the guidance of Jose. Eager to learn magic, the Dragon Emperor took this to his advantage and promised Koren that he would give him all the magic he would need in exchange for a part of his soul. Koren agreed, and became evil.
Altena Soldier Altena Soldier These soldiers use magic attacks as their weapons, and they are very loyal to their Queen. Unfortunately, they obeyed Koren's orders to steal the power of the Mana Stones, so they were unwillingly helping him in his evil scheme.
Jose Jose Jose is the wise teacher of Angela. He teaches her the art of magic and notices that Angela has much potential as a magician, although he sometimes becomes tired of her eagerness to use magic.
Victor Victor Victor is a close friend of Angela's as he grew up with her.

In order of appearance: Carlie

Leroy Leroy Leroy loved his wife so much that he broke the rule of bonding between humans and elves and married her, by doing this they made a large mistake which shortened their life span. Soon after having Carlie the died.
Shayla Shayla Shayla loved both Leroy and their daughter, Carlie. Early on in Carlie's life they died.
Heath Heath Heath is Carlie's closest friend, he always looked out for her whenever she landed herself in trouble. Carlie respects his wishes of her, and always follows his rules. When she set out to follow Heath when he was assigned to go to Jad, she witnessed the Deathjester kidnapping him.
Priest of Light Priest of Light This man is Carlie's grandfather. He promised the Faerie King of the Flowergarden Land Diorre that he would take her to Wendel and raise her as a cleric. He is the leader of Wendel and is known all over the world as the one who gives confidence and protection to those who need it.
Wendel Priest Wendel Priest These priests don't seem very fearsome, although they never have to worry about much as the Priest of Light's power protects Wendel. They mainly help people out when they need it.

In order of appearance: Lise

King Joster King Joster The leader of Rolante, and Lise's father. He has had trouble with life ever since his wife died. He defends his kingdom as best he can from the Navarre raiders, but is killed during the invasion.
Prince Elliot Prince Elliot Prince Elliot often has a playful nature, but takes his role seriously. He is tricked by Bill and Ben to turn of the defenses of Rolante, allowing the invasion to proceed. He is then captured by the raiders.
Amazoness Warrior Amanzoness Warrior These warriors are very strong and can put up a good fight against enemies. Most of them manage to escape the invasion, and begin plans for retaking Rolante. They serve their kingdom well and are known to be very reliable.

In order of appearance: Hawk

Nikita Nikita Nikita was a part of the merchant cat guild, until he became bored with the business and became a thief of Navarre. He is very good friends with Hawk and helps out often throughout the game.
Flamekhan Flamekhan Flamekhan is the leader of the sand fortress Navarre. He is honoured by all that live in the fortress, and he keeps the peace Navarre has with the rest of the world. He is taken under control of Bigieu and persuaded to take over Rolante. After the invasion he was thrown in prison.
Isabella/Bigieu Isabella/Bigieu The mysterious sorceress first known as Isabella but renamed Bigieu after the invasion, she had evil plans for Navarre and overtook them. The soldiers and ninjas then followed her every order, giving her the chance to use Navarre to get the Mana Stones and then ultimately the Mana Sword. She was working under the orders of the Dark Prince, who had plans of world domination.
Eagle Eagle Eagle had been a very good friend of Hawk's ever since they were children. After the appearance of Isabella, they began to become very suspicous of her as she persuaded Flamekhan to invade Rolante. Hawk and Eagle caught Isabella speaking to Jagan, and as a cover-up she killed Eagle and framed Hawk for his murder.
Jagan Jagan Jagan is Bigieu's first officer and is very loyal to her. He follows the army invasion to Rolante and maintains watch there. He often tries to stop you from reaching your goals in the game.
Jessica Jessica Jessica is the sister of Eagle. She is captured by Bigieu during the takeover of Navarre. Hawk searches for her in the hope of defeating Bigieu and avenging Eagle's death.
Navarre Raider Navarre Raider The Navarre raiders and soldiers where taken control by Bigieu and followed her orders to overtake Rolante. They unwillingly helped her to gain access to the Mana Holyland.

In order of appearance: Kevin

Karl Karl Karl was just a baby wolf when he lost his mother, then Kevin found and befriended him. They lived happily in the Moonlight Forest until one day Karl turned against Kevin.
Beast King Beast King The Beast King is an enormously strong leader of the Beast King, and is Kevin's father, giving Kevin the right to become King after his father. He married a human female and had Kevin, so Kevin is half human half beastman. The Beast King disliked humans for their treatment to the beastmen race, and he hired the Deathjester to find a way to take over the humans. Apart from this he is a very good leader to the Beast Kingdom.
Deathjester Deathjester The Deathjester is a mysterious dark man who gained the Beast King's trust to eliminate humans. His ultimate goal was to use the Beast Kingdom to get the Mana Stones and Mana Sword so his master, the Masked Mage could use the sword to take over the world.
Lugar Lugar Lugar is jealous of Kevin, as he sees Kevin to be wasting his title and blood-line to be the heir of the throne. Lugar has trained all his life as a warrior so that he could beat Kevin and take the throne himself as the rightful leader.
Beast Warrior Beast Warrior The warriors of the beast kingdom, they follow Lugar's orders during the destruction of Astoria and the attempt to take over Wendel.

The three evils of the world

These three characters you only discover their true meaning and purpose at the end of the game, so if you want to discover it yourself, do not read their descriptions.
Real form
Dragon Emperor Dragon Emperor The Dragon Emperor is one of the three sources of evil in the world. He has already fought against the forces of good in a previous battle that claimed the life of Loki. He enslaved Loki to do his evil work and convinced Koren to give him part of his soul so that Koren could also work for him. He has plans to take the Mana Sword and rule the world with it. Dragon Emperor
Dark Prince Dark Prince The Dark Prince is the second evil of the world. His spirit used to be the heir of the throne of the former Light Castle centuries before the game's storyline. During his early years, he was constantly made fun of and disliked of by the subjects of the Castle, and he became tired of this. The underworld made a deal with him so that they would take his soul and give him all the dark powers he could have to take over the Light Castle. He did this and the Light Castle became the Dark Castle. Bigieu wanted to save his soul and help the Dark Prince take over the world. He has used several bodies to survive over the years and now his plan to take the Mana Sword has come into action. He captured Prince Elliot to use his body to continue living. Archdemon
Masked Mage Masked Mage The Masked Mage was a former resident of the Holy City Wendel. He was Heath's father, Belgar. There was once a young girl who had an incurable disease which Light magic could not remedy. Belgar then began to study the forbidden dark magic to heal the girl. The girl died before he could find a cure but he continued to study dark magic. After a long time he found a spell which could revive the girl. As his dark power was growing, the people of Wendel began to fear him and sometimes called him the "Priest of Darkness." The Priest of Light became worried about the possibility the the city may become cursed, so he exiled Belgar. After this the dark power eventually took over his mind and body and made him into an evil man. He has worn a mask ever since then to hide his true self. He wanted revenge on the world so he planned to take the Mana Sword and rule the world. Dark Lich

Other Characters

Sailor Sailor These sailors take you to the various ports of cities by ferry for a small fee.
Faerie Faerie This faerie has traveled from the Holyland when the Mana Tree began to wither to seek advice from the Priest of Light in Wendel. When visiting Astoria, the first character you choose in the game meets the faerie and follows her to the Holyland to get the Mana Sword.
Bon Voyage Bon Voyage Bon Voyage is a well known inventor in Maia for creating crazy inventions. He is the man who creates the well known "Cannon Travel" system found in Secret of Mana. This time he lets you ride in his cannon for free but you first must find gunpowder needed to make the cannon operate.
Watts Watts Watts the Blacksmith of the Dwarf Village (sound familiar?) gives you the gunpowder required for the cannon after you beat the Jewel Eater in the Dwarf Tunnel and find the Dwarf's patron spirit Gnome. He leaves you to find him in the tunnels, though.
Don Perignon Don Perignon As the wise strategist honoured by even by King Richard of Forcena, this corobokkle is more than he appears to be. He gives you the advice needed to retake Rolante from the Navarre Raiders.
Booskaboo Booskaboo You first sight Booskaboo at the Volcano Island Bucca. He rescues you when the island erupts and can take you to the various beaches around the cities.
Faerie King Faerie King As the leader of the Flowergarden Land Diorre and a good friend of the Priest of Light, he was against the marriage of Carlie's parents as the rule of bonding between humans and elves was forbidden, he allowed the priest of Light to take Carlie to Wendel and raise her. He helps you to find the tree spirit Dryad.
Flammie Flammie Flammie once again proves to be a great ally. This time a female, she eliminates the use of the need for ferry or cannon travel, taking you anywhere in the world through her gift of flight.
Mana Goddess Mana Goddess She is the creator of Mana and the source of all the world's power as the Mana Tree. You meet the Mana Goddess once you find the Mana Sword at the Holyland. She asks you to stop the evil in the world and restore peace so that the Mana Tree may continue to live and for Mana to live on throughout the world.
Chiquichita Chiquichita Chiquichita (pronounced Chikita) is one of the merchant cats who you meet around the Mana Stone areas. He sells you new weapons every now and then.
Josephine Josephine Josephine was the former lover of Nikita before he became a thief. She accompanies Chiquichita and sells you new armor for your party.

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