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Seiken Densetsu 3 Story/Outline
Once, when the world was yet trapped in darkness, the goddess of Mana felled 8 incarnations of disaster that guided the world to destruction, the God-Beasts, with the Sword of Mana, and sealed them in 8 stones. And, as the darkness left, the world was created. The goddess of Mana turned herself into a tree, and fell asleep. Many years passed...
Due to the actions of some who plot to unleash the God-Beasts from the stones, obtain power surpassing even that of the gods, and make the world their own, conflict breaks out heralding the end of peace...
Mana is rapidly disappearing from the earth. Even the Mana Tree has begun to wither...
*Note: Due to the release of the english patch for the SD3 rom, some of the names of characters and locations have changed from their usual english counterpart name. If you are used to the names in the Japanese version such as Riesz (Lise), the names will be different here.*
In this adventure game, you have the choice of choosing three characters out of six before you begin. The character you first choose will determine the storyline as described further in the bosses section. In each storyline you will have to face the same early bosses and Mana Beasts, but at the end the story will change. There are three different endings of the game.
As the sequel to Secret of Mana, this game is actually a prequel for Secret of Mana, occuring thousands of years beforehand. You can tell this by the very different looking world map. This game is very easy to follow, having a very similar but harder battle mode to Secret of Mana. Each character will be on a quest for the Mana Sword for different reasons, and your goal is to stop the evil in the world that is trying to awaken the eight Mana Beasts from the Mana Stones to conquer the world.
You will first notice that there are three main armies who are trying to obtain the Mana Stones and the Mana Sword. They are the Magic Kingdom Altena, the Navarre Raiders and the Beast Kingdom. Each of these three are usually peaceful kingdoms, but there are three main sources of evil coming from them. Three individual evil beings are bent on obtaining the Mana Sword, and are using these kingdoms as their tools for success. Whichever character you choose as your main one will have one of three senarios played out, in which two of the armies will fail to gain the Sword and the third will be left for you to battle and defeat.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: When is Secret of Mana 2 set in the timeline?
Answer: It is set thousands of years before Secret of Mana's events.
Question: Are any of the place names and areas the same in Secret of Mana 2 as in Secret of Mana?
Answer: No, all the place names and locations are different.
Question: Is Flammie in the game?
Answer: Yes, this time its a female and is already an adult when you meet her.
Question: Can you still stay at inns to recover HP and MP?
Answer: Yes, in this game there is a day and night system. Each day has a different elemental name and on the Mana Holy Day, you can stay at inns for free. As you are outdoors for a certain amount of time, it will become dark or lighter whichever part of the day you are in.
Question: Are there as many bosses in SD3 as there were in SoM?
Answer: There are only very few bosses in this game, but they are much harder than the ones in SoM. You'll have to use your weapons and strategy to beat them.
Question: Is the story hard to follow?
Answer: Not any more! With the game fully translated, you can now understand everything that's going on.
Question: Are there any characters in SD3 that were in SoM?
Answer: Sort of. There is Flammie's cousin Flammie (sounds pretty funny?).
Question: Is there Cannon Travel available?
Answer: Yes, but this time you can ride in the cannon for free but you first must find gunpowder for it. You can also use ships/ferrys for transport to other cities, of course there's Flammie who can take you anywhere, and a new character Booskaboo, a giant turtle who can swim you to beaches.

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