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Seiken Densetsu 3 Images
Duran Angela
Hawk Lise
Carlie Kevin
Seiken Densetsu 3 World Map
Battle against Dolan
Battle against Mispolm
Riding on Flammie
Forcena Town | Forcena Castle interior
Altena Castle gate | Altena Castle town | Altena Castle interior
Castle City Jad | Jad Castle interior
Harbour | Aboard a ship
Path to the Heavens | Summit of the Skies | Wind Kingdom Rolante gate
Corobokkle Village | Dwarf Village | Dwarf Tunnel
Moonlight City Mintos | Moonlight Forest | Beast Kingdom gate
Cave of Waterfalls | Holy City Wendel | Temple of Light entrance
Dark Priest Village | Navarre Fortress interior | Navarre Fortress
Snow City Elrand | Sub-Zero Snowfield
Free City Maia | Fishing Harbour Palo | Merchant City Byzel
Sand City Sultan | Oasis Village Deen | Desert of Scorching Heat
Lampflower Forest | Flowergarden land Diorre
Golden Road | Molebear Highlands | Rabite Forest
Island of Oblivion | Mana Holyland | Class Change statue
Jungle of Illusion | Ancient City Pedan | Mana Tablet
Labyrinth of Ice Walls | Valley of Flames | Corridor of Wind
Moonreading Tower | Moonreading Tower interior
Forest of Wonder | Gemstone Valley Dorian | Ancient Ruins of Light
Glass Desert | Dragon's Hole entrance | Dragon's Hole interior
Dark Castle entrance | Dark Castle interior
Mirage Palace | Mirage Palace interior
Battle against Full Metal Hagger | Battle against Tzenker
Battle against Genova | Battle against Gorva
Battle against Fiegmund | Battle against Xan Bie
Battle against Dangaard | Battle against Dolan
Battle against Mispolm | Battle against Land Umber
Battle against Lightgazer | Battle against Zable Fahr
Battle against Koren | Battle against the Dragon Emperor
Battle against Full Metal Hagger
Battle against Bigieu | Battle against the Archdemon
Battle against Gorva | Battle against Heath | Battle against the Dark Lich
Battle against the Black Rabite
Other Screenshots
Seiken Densetsu 3 Title Screen | Booskaboo greeting
Faeries guarding the Mana Tree | Riding Booskaboo | Flying with Flammie
Dragon Emperor confrontation | Bigieu encounter
Dragon Emperor's victory over the Mana Tree
Dark Prince's victory over the Mana Tree
The Masked Mage's victory over the Mana Tree
Earth Mana Stone | Wind Mana Stone
Water Mana Stone | Fire Mana Stone
Moon Mana Stone | Tree Mana Stone
Light Mana Stone
Dark Mana Stone (Glass Desert) | Dark Mana Stone (Cave of Darkness) | Dark Mana Stone (Jungle of Illusion)
Finale Scenes
The new Mana Tree

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