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The Legend of Zelda Game Secrets
This section covers any other secrets and special events in the game.
To the left of the entrance of Zora's Waterfall, there is a large single waterfall. If you swim up to it, you will find that you can walk through it into a secret cave. You have the option of throwing items into the pond you find. If you throw in the boomerang, a faerie will appear and give you the magical boomerang, also if you throw in your shield, she will give you the red shield, and if you throw in an empty bottle, she will fill it with magic medicine for free.
After finding the hammer, if you go to the Blacksmith's house in the Light World to the right of the house you will find a stake. Knock it down and drop down into the hole below the ledge. Go north and you will find this alter. Sprinkle magic powder on it and a bat will appear and reduce your magic power cost by half.
At the Pond of Happiness if you throw in a total of 100 rupees in the water, a faerie will appear and allow to to carry an extra five more bombs or arrows in your inventory. You can carry a maximum total of 50 bombs and 70 arrows.
If you talk to this frog after finding the Titan's Mitt, he will ask you to take him back to the Light World's blacksmith. Once you return him, they can temper your sword so it will become the level 3 sword.
If you have encountered one of these Globules, you will find that they are invincible to your attacks. But if you sprinkle magic powder on them, they will become a faerie and can heal you.
After defeating Blind in the Dark World, you can find this purple treasure chest in the remains of this house. You can't open it, so you take it with you. Take it to the strange middle-aged guy near the entrance to the desert in the Light World, and he will open it for you if you don't tell anyone that he was a former thief. Inside is the fourth magic bottle.
After defeating Vitreous in Misery Mire, the bomb shop in the Dark World will have a super bomb for sale. Once you buy it, it will follow you around from behind. Take it to the large crack on the wall of Ganon's Pyramid and set it down in front of it with the A button. Stand back, and the bomb will blow open an entrance. There will be a mysterious pond inside. This one you can throw in the bow and arrows and a faerie will give you the silver arrows and if you throw in your sword, she will give you the level 4 sword, the strongest sword in the game.

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