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The Legend of Zelda Main Characters
Link is the legendary hero of Hyrule. He is the one who is destined to save the world from evil. Link is called by Princess Zelda telepathically to the castle to save her from the evil wizard Agahnim. Little did Link know however, is that this event would lead up to his posession of the Master Sword and then would have the responsibility to save the seven maidens and defeat Ganon. The fate of the entire land of Hyrule would soon rest on Link's shoulders.

Link can gain many skills, such as the ability to perform a dash attack and the power to use magic spells. Special armor can be found to enhance Link's defense, and once gained, the Master Sword has different power levels which make Link's attacking power stronger.

Zelda is the princess of Hyrule and has been kidnapped by Agahnim. She called Link to help her and to inform him of his destiny. Once you rescue her from the castle dungeons, Zelda can help Link out if you are confused about what to do next.

Once she is captured by Ganon and sent to the Dark World, Zelda waits patiently for Link to resuce her from the peak of Death Mountain.

Ganon is the evil thief who managed to enter the Golden Land and take the Triforce. He murdered his own followers over greed for the Triforce, and created the Dark World as a symbol of his power. Sealed away inside the Dark World by the seven wise men, Ganon used Agahnim to open a gate between the worlds so he could advance on Hyrule and take over the land.

Ganon didn't know about Link, and gravely underestimates his power. Although Ganon has the power of the Triforce and seems to be unstoppable, Link won't let this stop him from defending Hyrule and defeating Ganon.

Agahnim is the mysterious wizard who gained the King's trust and then betrayed him to open the gate to the Dark World to allow Ganon to pass through. His origins are unknown, but Agahnim was being controlled by Ganon and acted as his pawn. His plan was to send the descendents of the seven wise men, the seven maidens, to the Dark World and imprison them there. This way he could break the seal and re-open the gate to the Dark World.

Sahasrahla (sah-has-ra-la) is a decendant of the seven wise men and is in hiding from Ganon's forces. Throughout the game he helps Link by telepathically speaking with him and informing him what to do next. He is also an important man to the village of Kakariko, and is well-known for his wisdom and good will.

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