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The Legend of Zelda Items
Boomerang Found in a chest in the basement of Hyrule Castle. If you hit an enemy with this, it will be stunned for a short time (some enemies will sustain damage when hit by the boomerang). The boomerang can also retrieve distant Rupees and Hearts.
Magical Boomerang Given to you by the faerie in the mysterious pond at the Waterfall of Wishing. The Magical Boomerang has the same principles as the boomerang, but can hit enemies and retrieve items further away than the boomerang's reach.
Bow Found in a chest in the Eastern Palace. The bow is a powerful weapon that can be found in the first palace, but you need arrows to use it. Arrows sometimes appear when you defeat an enemy and sometimes they are hidden in pots. These is a rumor that somewhere in Hyrule you can obtain a silver bow and arrow of even greater strength.
Silver Arrows Given to you by the faerie in the mysterious pond of Ganon's pyramid. The power of the Silver Arrows is so great that you must use them to give Ganon his final gasp of air. They are much stronger than regular arrows and are needed to complete your adventure.
Hookshot Found in a chest in the Swamp Ruins. This device consists of a long chain with a hook on the end. You can fling the hook into a tree, pot or treasure chest and then pull yourself to the location of the hook by reeling in the chain. This will enable you to cross holes in the ground or other such obstacles. The Hook Shot can also be used as a weapon.
Bombs Found after defeating certain enemies and found in various chests. A bomb blast will damage enemies and knock holes in some walls, but it will also damage your character if he is too close to the blast. The bomb's fuse will burn for about two seconds, and up to two bombs can be set at a time. You can also pick up a bomb you have placed and throw it before it explodes (be careful!).
Fire Rod Found in a chest in the Skull Woods. This rod spits out a ball of fire that will sear most enemies to a crisp. Some enemies are especially vulnerable to fire, so use the Fire Rod wisely. The Fire Rod can also be used like the lantern to light torches, but from a distance.
Ice Rod Found in a chest in a cave east of Lake Hylia. You can use this magic wand to launch a sub-zero blast of air which will freeze most enemies. Weaker enemies will be destroyed by this weapon, and even stronger enemies might become solid blocks of ice.
Bombos Medallion Found at a tablet in the Desert of Mystery. Only the Hero bearing the Master Sword can retrieve this medal. The magic of this medallion sets off explosive forces around you which engulf the enemy in flames.
Ether Medallion Found at a tablet high up on Death Mountain. The Ether Medallion charges your sword with a cold chill that freezes the surrounding enemy. The Ether Medallion has the same effect as the Ice Rod but it works against all the enemies on the screen.
Quake Medallion Given to you by a catfish at the Waterfall of Wishing in the Dark World. If you drive your sword into the ground when you have this medallion, the earth will come to life and shake violently. Such an attack and the fear it creates are bound to affect the enemy.
Mushroom Found in the Lost Woods. These sweet tasting, strange smelling mushrooms are an ingredient for making Magical Powder. You can find these while wandering in the Lost Woods.
Magical Powder Given to you by the witch after you give her the magic mushroom. This magical concoction has unpredictable effects on certain things. Try sprinkling it on a bush to cause a strange chemical reaction. Its effect on other living things is said to be even stranger.
Lantern Found in a chest in Link's house. This is the first item you are likely to find in your adventure. The lantern lights the torches in the dungeons and brightens the dungeon rooms. It consumes Magic Power to light the torches, and they go out after a time.
Magic Hammer Found in a chest in the Dark Palace. Use this hammer to pound stakes and other obstacles into the ground. The magic hammer is also effective against some enemies, but it is best used in conjunction with another weapon.
Shovel Given to you by the Flute Boy in the Haunted Grove of the Dark World. Use this to dig holes in the ground. You cannot dig in some surfaces. You need this shovel to find the Flute.
Flute Found buried in the Haunted Grove. A lonely lad will give you the flute, which plays a beautiful but slightly sad melody. When you are granted it, be sure to fulfill the request made of you. If you have the Flute, it will make your long and difficult journey a lot easier.
Bug-Catching Net Given to you by the ill bug-catching kid in Kakariko village. There are bugs and other things hidden away in the bushes and trees. If you time it right, you can catch them with this net and store them in bottles to use later on. You should definately try to catch many things with this item.
Book of Mudora Found in the library of Kakariko. The monoliths left by the Hylian people are inscribed with ancient script. If you find an inscription that you cannot read, use this book and its meaning will become clear.
Magic Bottle 1: Found in the bar at Kakariko village.
2: Bought from a salesman at Kakariko.
3: Given to you by a guy under the bridge near the Eastern Palace.
4: Found in a locked chest in the Dark World Village of Outcasts.
You can put many things in a bottle and keep them for use at a later point in the game. You can get up to four bottles, which are vital to your success on a long adventure. Obtain these bottles as soon as you can.
Staff of Somaria Found in a chest in Misery Mire. This mystic staff creates blocks formed of pure magic power. These blocks can be thrown or pushed on to the enemy to cause damage. (Power blocks disintegrate if they touch an enemy five times). If you strike a magic block with the Staff, it will either shatter and the fragments will damage enemies nearby. You will need this Staff to get through the Turtle Rock dungeon in the Dark World.
Cane of Byrna Found in a cave up on Death Mountain in the Dark World. The beam from this staff surrounds and protects you from all damage. Press the Y button again to deactivate the wand. Note that this item consumes Magical Power in proportion to how long it is used.
Magic Cape Found in a tomb at the cemetary in the Light World. Your character will turn invisible when he wears this Magic Cape. While hidden from the enemies' veiw, you can attack them without taking damage. Although the cape is a useful item, it will consume Magic Power while you are using it.
Magical Mirror Given to you by the lost old man on Death Mountain. You can use this mirror to escape from the Dark World to the Light World. The portal that is created can also be used as a gate back into the Dark World. But be warned. If the place where you reappear in the Light World is a place where you cannot normally go (such as inside of a wall) you will be forced back into the Dark World. Note that the mirror will also return you to the entrance when used in the dungeon. The Magical Mirror cannot be used in a house or cave.

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