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The Legend of Zelda Warp Point Locations
This section shows where all the warp points in the Light World connecting the Dark World are located.
After defeating Agahnim in the Light World, the Hyrule castle entrance becomes a portal to the Dark World.
The easiest to find, lying high up on Death Mountain in clear view.
Just north of Kakariko Town before the Lost Woods, is this area blocked of by stakes and a heavy rock. Pick up the small rock to reveal the warp point.
Directly south of the East Palace is a path leading down to this cave. The rock surrounded by stakes hides a warp point.
Just south of Link's house and to the left is this small alcove containing a warp point under a rock.
Just outside the entrance of the Pond of Happiness is this warp point hidden under a rock.
Up on this ledge in the corner of the desert accessable by flying down by the bird, is this warp point under yet another rock.
Just south after the broken bridge on Death Mountain is a rock covering this portal.
On the top of Turtle Rock in the Light World this portal can be accessed by hitting the stakes in order of right, top and left.

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