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The Legend of Zelda Heart Locations
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This section has a screenshot of each of the 24 heart pieces found in the game and a description on how to reach them. Also note that you will receive a full heart container after defeating a boss in each dungeon.
Full heart container found in a chest at the Sanctuary.
Drop down a hole near the Thief's Cave entrance in the Lost Woods to find this one.
Drop down to a hole from a ledge in Kakariko town and blow open a hole in the wall.
In the basement of Blind's hideout in Kakariko town, blow open a hole in the wall.
In the race, walk up to the sign and read it, it will tell you to go straight to the end. Then walk down onto the two small dots on the ground and push down, you will then jump over the fence and arrive at the end to receive your prize.
To the left of Sanctuary up on a hill, you will see a small group of rocks, run into them (with the Pegasus Shoes) and an opening will appear.
Drain the water in the Swamp Ruins in the Light World, and outside you will find this heart.
In a cave in the north-eastern area of the desert, in the room with Agahna, blow open a wall on the rear wall for this heart.
When you exit the Desert Palace by the left entrance, follow the path down to this heart.
After buying the Flippers from Zora, swim south down a waterfall and then follow the river until you reach the shore on the left and follow the land to this heart.
Below Spectacle Rock, you will see two caves further down the cliff. Drop down to the one on the right, and follow the cave path to this heart.
Once you warp from the Dark World and appear on top of Spectacle Rock, this heart will be waiting for you.

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