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Secret of Evermore Alchemy Ingredients
Each alchemy formula requires certain ingredients to perform. Here is a list of all the ingredients found in the game and the formulas they contribute to.
Acorn Super Heal, Regrowth, Lance
Ash Lightning Storm, Fireball, Explosion, Defend, Atlas, Revealer, Acid Rain
Atlas Amulet Atlas
Bone Barrier, Revive
Brimstone Slow Burn, Fireball, Fire Power
Clay Hard Ball, Defend
Crystal Stop, Hard Ball, Energize
Dry Ice Call Up
Ethanol Super Heal, Explosion, Double Drain, Drain
Feather One Up, Fire Power
Grease Reflect, Force Field, Nitro
Gunpowder Nitro
Iron Slow Burn, Reflect, Lightning Storm, Lance, Force Field, Energize
Limestone Barrier, Crush
Meteorite Call Up
Mud Pepper Levitate
Mushroom Corrosion
Oil Flash, Cure
Root Revive, One Up, Miracle Cure, Drain, Cure
Vinegar Sting, Miracle Cure, Escape, Double Drain
Wax Stop, Speed, Flash, Crush, Escape, Revealer
Water Acid Rain, Corrosion, Heal, Levitate, Regrowth, Speed, Sting

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