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Secret of Evermore FAQ
This section contains hints and frequently asked questions about the harder areas of the game, such as the many mazes encountered and how to get through them. If anyone has any specific questions not covered at this site, you can e-mail me and I'll post the answer here.

Bugmuck Swamp
When inside the big bug and in the area where the ground crumbles, follow these directions to make it through.
From the start: up, right, up, left, down, left, up, left, up, left, up, right, up.
Strong Heart's hut
Strong Heart's hut is found south of the village. Cut through the bushes to the left and follow the path until you find his hut.
If you get lost when climbing up the volcano on the flying rocks, when on the ground, slash away at some bushes to reveal a hidden rock which will lead you to the one that sends you to the top of the volcano.
Blimp's Bog
To make your way through this swamp maze, go around and beat the Frippo enemies, as some of them once defeated will trigger off new lilypads that will lead to Blimp's hut. Just remember to have your spear on at least level two so that you can throw it at the snake Salabog.
Volcano core
In the main area with the lava on the floor, you will be able to find Mud Peppers around in gourds that will allow you to move the rocks. The rocks up on the ledges can be dislodged by just hitting them with your weapon. Once you enter the sewer maze, go up the left pipe to eventually find a switch on the floor of one of the pits, and then go to through the right pipe from the start to find the entrance to the core.

Don't worry if you can't afford to buy the Annihilation Amulet from the Mad Monk, as you can walk across the desert. Keep going north from the first oasis and eventually you'll reach the city Nobilia.
East Bank
To get across the broken bridge above the river, once you have the dog back, switch to him and jump across the bridge. Go up to find a wooden platform that can move across the river to the other side so that the boy can make it across.
Make the dog go into the main entrance so that he can step on the floor tiles to open the doors when the boy comes around. After a while you'll meet up with the dog again and can use him up the top to step on one of the two switches to open the door to Rimsala's room.
Hall of Collosia
When going through this building, keep stepping on the floor tiles that light up after you step on them. They will open up a new door on the left and right walls. When you find the Bronze Spear, return to the main room and walk up to the large hole level with the switch on the other side and he'll automatically throw the spear to hit the switch and make the bridge appear.
Oglin Cave
This place is HUGE and you can easily become lost. To find your way through follow these directions:
1. After resmuing control, go down and stand on the tile you see to be teleported to another location.
2. Once you reappear, go right until you see another tile. Don't step on it as it will lead to a dead-end. Instead, go south to exit the room. Follow the path to the right then go up.
3. Keep walking up until you find an area with water all around you. Step on the warp tile you see there.
4. After warping, walk left until you see another tile. Ignore it and keep going right. Then north into then next room. Go right twice, then northeast until you find a small riverbank. There should be a pot on the other side.
5. When you reach this area, go down. Keep walking south until you come to another teleporter. Step on it.
6. You'll reappear next to the pot that you saw earlier. Open it and walk to the left until you enter a room with exits on the north and west of the room.
7. Go up north to fight Aquagoth.
To find Tiny in the lower part of the Pyramid, use Levitate to move the rock onto one of the floor panels and then position the boy and the dog on the other two panels to open the door to where Tiny is hiding.

Ivor Tower sewers
This maze is very dark and hard to see at times. Follow these directions to find your way out of there. Just remember that to find the woman down here go to the area where you hear a clinking sound, then walk into the right wall and follow the path to find her and receive the Queen's key.
From the start of the maze go:
west, north, west, north, west, south, west, stand on the vent and be taken back into the main castle, exit the room onto the balcony and go through the top door back inside the castle, go down the hole to reappear in the sewers, then go east, north, east, south, east, stand on the vent, walk behind the bookcase and you'll fall into a hidden hole, go south, east, south, east, north, east, up the vent, exit onto the balcony and go through the bottom door back inside, drop down into the next hole, go north, west, then south and up the vent to exit the sewers.
Mystic Woods
This first part of the forest is easy, just follow the gremlins in the trees and they'll lead you to the mid-point of the forest where you have to fight the Bad Boys. The second part is different, as the gremlins will lead you to where the Oglin you rescued from the well is hiding.
To make your way through the second part of the maze, from the bridge follow these directions:
Go into the forest, east, south, east, north, east, north, west, north, east, south, east, north, east, north, west, and north to fight Timberdrake.

Metroplex main area
When you exit into the main area of the station, you'll be in area A1. You need to go to area A4 to find Professor Ruffleberg. Make the dog enter the airlock so you can then go up and destroy the gun turrets on top of the doors to open them. Explore the areas accessed by the doors in the floors of the rooms, and when you find the control room, destroy the four floating fans and when you find the controls, make sure that the storage room's lights are ON and the greehouse's lights are OFF. I'm not sure how to get the password for turning the alarm off, but you'll just have to fight some Guardbots in that area. In the room with the hot panels that hurt you if you touch them, find the room next to it and hit the switch there to turn some of them off so you can get through them.

This Secret of Evermore site was created by Mana Knight on the 10th October 2000.