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Secret of Evermore Market Guide
This guide will assist you at the Nobilia and Gothica markets. Here you can find information on which items to trade and with whom to get the best deals and all of the special items available.
Note: Before entering the Nobilia market, there is a way in which you can receive 99 bags of rice and 99 jars of spice! To find it, go outside to the left of the entrance to the market in the desert and stand below the lone rock you see there. If you begin moving around in circles, stay there and wait for a long time. You'll need to heal often to keep him from losing all his HP, but after the boy speaks three times, you should fall down underground. Walk to the right to find the rice and spice.
Trade items available
Available for three different prices:
3 Jewels per bag.
6 Jewels per bag.
9 Jewels per bag.
Available for three different costs:
4 bags of rice or 4 ceramic pots per spice.
2 beads and 3 ceramic pots per spice.
20 Jewels per spice.
Available for three different costs:
12 Jewels per bead.
10 Jewels per bead.
1 bag of rice and 3 Jewels.
Ceramic pots:
Available at one location:
2 bags of rice per pot.
Available at one location:
3 jars of spice per bottle.
Available at one location:
1 jar of spice and 2 bags of rice per chicken.
Trade items to buy
Buy these items
You can then buy these items
19 Beads
8 Bottles of Perfume
1 Souvenir Spoon
3 Golden Jackals
4 Tapestries
2 Limestone Tablets
4 Jeweled Scarabs
5 Chickens
1 Sun Stone
1 Armor Polish (trade the Silver Sheath)
1 Moxa Stick
1 Silver Sheath
1 Jade Disk
1 Ruby Heart
1 Obsidian Helm
1 Gloves of Ra
1 Ceuturion Helm
Tiny to throw the rock (you'll need to use Levitate on it first).
Other things to keep in mind
When you buy the Annihilation Amulets from the merchant at the Nobilia market, when he offers one for 30 bags of rice, refuse and he'll lower the price to 15 bags of rice. Always buy them for this price as if you go any lower he won't sell you any more.
Before leaving Nobilia, make sure you have 1 Jeweled Scarab, 1 Golden Jackal, 20 Bottles of Perfume and 10 Beads so that you can buy the Oracle Bone, Thug's Cloak, Insect Incense and Chocobo Egg at the Ivor Tower market. Also bring some Annihilation Amulets so that you can buy some new armor from a salesperson in the alley.
Don't trade for any armor items before fighting Vigor, as once you enter the arena before fighting Vigor, walk into the right wall to find a hidden room that contains the armor that is available at the market.
Don't worry about trading away any of your charms at the Nobilia market for other charms or armor. Once you reach the Ivor Tower market, a merchant in the alley will sell you back the charms that you traded away.
To get the Magic Gourd and the Chocobo Egg, make sure you buy the Annihilation Amulet from the Mad Monk in Crustacia to receive the Chocobo Egg. Trade it for the Magic Gourd, and later in the Ivor Tower ally, the merchant at the top left corner of the area will trade you for another Chocobo Egg.

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