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Secret of Evermore Items
There are many items available in this game, and of multiple items, you can carry 6 of each. Several of these items can heal you and restore HP. The tradeable items can be used at the Nobilia and Ivor Tower/Ebon Keep markets. The Charms will give you extra abilities to enhance your skills.
Merchant Store Items
These items can be found in all merchant stores, with some items varying from store to store.
Petal All stores should have petals in stock. This is the basic healing item, and will restore 50 HP for the boy or the dog.
Pixie Dust Once you use this on either character, if they lose all their HP they will be revived once.
Essence This item should also be available in most stores. This will remove any status-changing spells such as Plague or Poison inflicted on either hero.
Nectar Nectar is the second level healing item. This will restore 150 HP of whoever uses it.
Honey Honey is the most effective healing item. This will restore all of either the boy or the dog's HP.
Dog Biscuit The Dog Biscuit will be available in some stores. This will fully restore all of the dog's HP when his energy reaches zero.
Wings Whenever you are stuck in a building or dungeon and can't get out, use the Wings to teleport the boy and the dog back outside.
Call Bead These can be used to call up a special character to use a certain formula spell.
Pouch This item houses all of your tradeable goods and charms.
Trade Items
These items can be found at the Nobilia and Gothica markets. They can used to trade with certain people for special items.
Annihilation Amulet
Ceramic Pot
Golden Jackal
Jeweled Scarab
Limestone Tablet
  Ticket for Exhibition
Charm Items
Charms will give you special abilities making your chances for survival greater. They can be found throughout the game and most will be given to you by someone special. Don't worry about trading away any charms at Nobilia, as one of the dealers in the Ivor Tower Alley will sell you back the ones that you traded away.
Armor Polish Trade the Silver Sheath to the dealer near the upper right corner of the Nobilia market. Armor polish increases the strength of body armor.
Insect Incense Once you have bought back all your traded charms from the dealer in Ivor Tower, she'll sell you this one. This charm repels mosquitos and spiders.
Jaguar Ring Once you enter the desert outside of the Bugmuck swamp, fall into one of the whirlpools to reappear in front of a cave. Buy something from the guy inside and he'll give you this charm. Press the A Button to run with super speed while wearing this ring.
Ruby Heart A salesperson in the Nobilia market will give you this for the Moxa stick or a tapestry, a jeweled scarab and a limestone tablet. The Ruby Heart lowers enemy chances of landing a blow.
Staff of Life After you defeat Aegis in Nobilia, Horace will appear and give you this charm. This item increases a fighter's ability to defend against enemy attacks.
Thug's Cloak A merchant at the Ivor Tower/Ebon Keep market will trade with you for this item. The Cloak increases the wearer's ability to evade attacks.
Chocobo Egg The Chocobo Egg can be found in two locations. Just outside the large pirate ship in Antiqua is a cave full of boxes. Walk up to them and a Mad Monk will appear and offer you an Annihilation Amulet for 10,000 Jewels. Buy it to also receive the Chocobo Egg. You can also trade away nine jars of spice and nine bottles of perfume to the uppermost dealer in Ivor Tower Alley to receive one. The Chocobo Egg increases maximum hit points for those who possess it.
Jade Disk A merchant at the Nobilia market will trade with you for this item. This disk increases the ability of the holder to hit their target.
Moxa Stick The merchant next to the one who gives you the Sun Stone will give you this for two chickens, a jeweled scarab and twelve jars of spice. Healing formulas and items are more powerful with the Moxa Stick.
Silver Sheath Trade ten jars of spice and a golden jackal to the dealer next to the one in the lower right corner of the market to receive this. This item increases the strength of the holder's sword-type weapon.
Sun Stone A merchant at the Nobilia market will give you this for a limestone tablet and five bags of rice. The holder of the Sun Stone has greater strength.
Magic Gourd Talk to the dealer in the upper left corner of Nobilia market and buy what he offers. Talk to him again and he'll give you this charm in exchange for the Chocobo Egg. The powers of this gourd are unknown.
Wizard's Coin When you defeat Aquagoth and emerge out of the well into Gothica, walk up the small set of stairs and turn the handle of the well. An Oglin will jump out and run off. Go to the Mystic Woods and after the area with the Bad Boys, continue on and follow the screens with the gremlins in the trees. Eventually you will find the Oglin and he will give you this charm. Magic Defense is increased for the one who possesses this coin.
Oracle Bone Trade a golden jackal and a jeweled scaracb to one of the dealers at the Ivor Tower/Ebon Keep market and he'll give you this charm. Some characters will offer additional clues.
  Queen's Key This key is given to you by the old woman in the maze basement of Ivor Tower. When you are going through the maze, when you hear a clinking sound, walk into the right wall and make your way through the invisible wall to find her in the top right corner of the area. This key will allow you to open all the doors in the tower and access many items in treasure chests. This key can also be given to the woman's husband for an alchemy formula. Rare Item.
Diamond Eyes You will receive each eye once you defeat Rimsala and Megatour in the Pyramid and Hall of Colossia. They are used for the Dog Statue in Nobilia and Tinker's spacecraft. Rare Item.
  Wheel You will receive the wheel once you defeat Coleoptera in the Bugmuck Swamp. This item is needed for Tinker's spacecraft. Rare Item.
  Gauge The Gauge is found high up on the Volcano. To reach it, stand on the rock that sends you flying up to the top of the volcano and you will drop down to find the gauge in a gourd. This is needed for Tinker's spacecraft. Rare Item.
Energy Core After you meet with Professor Ruffleberg in Omnitopia, he will open the second trapdoor on the chessboard. Go down it to find the energy core. Rare Item.

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