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Secret of Evermore Characters
There are only a few main characters in this game, but each one will assist you greatly in giving you hints on what to do next and where and how to find things and complete certain areas.
Professor Ruffleberg Professor Ruffleberg Sidney created the world of Evermore along with the three other main creators. He watches over the world from his space station Metroplex and holds the secret of returning to Podunk. His butler robot Carltron has begun to go maverick and is plotting against Sidney.
Elizabeth (Fire Eyes) Elizabeth Elizabeth created the prehistoric world and goes by the name 'Fire Eyes' by the locals. She is the first person you meet who also came from Podunk and she explains the land of Evermore and a possible way of returning to Podunk.
Horace Horace Horace is the creator of the ancient civilization land of Antiqua. He meets you at an ancient dig site and will offer you assistance for obtaining the Diamond Eyes and hints on how to escape from Evermore.
Cammelia Cammelia Cammelia created the middle age land of Gothica and was once the proud ruler of Ebon Keep. She was taken over by her evil twin robot and the entire kingdom moved to Ivor Tower. She pleads with you to help her regain the throne.
Carltron Carltron Carltron is the evil robot responsible for all the chaos occuring on Evermore. He was created by Ruffleberg for the purpose of being a butler, but he eventually became bored of it and decided to cause trouble. He caused the accident which trapped the four creators in Evermore, and he created the evil twin robots to control the many locations on the planet. You will have to conquer all three evil twins and Carltron before finding a way home.
Tinker Tinker Tinker is Cammelia's trusted inventor and advisor. He helps you be offerig you some new alchemy formulas as well as two weapons and the Windwalker, a machine capable of taking you to different areas of Evermore by flight.
Gomi Gomi Gomi is Tinker's brother who is trying to build the tallest tower on Evermore. He assists you by transporting you back to Ivor Tower to overthrow the evil robot Queen and free the kingdom.

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