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Secret of Evermore Main Characters
The Boy
The Boy (he has no apparent name) is a local resident of the American town of Podunk. His favorite hobby is to go to the movies every week with his best friend, his dog. After viewing a new film, as they leave the cinema, the dog spots a cat and begins chasing it. The Boy follows the dog into an old abandoned mansion and discovers a strange machine that is still operating. He then unwillingly activates the machine which sends himself and his dog to an unknown world of different eras. Before he can return to Podunk he has to discover the secrets to this place and why the inventors of this world are trapped inside it.

The Boy has many weapons available to him as well as different armor pieces which vary in the different eras. Although his attack and defense are not as good as the Dog's, he can use the many alchemy formulas and can perform many actions that the dog cannot.

The Dog
The Dog follows the Boy around as his loyal partner, and is very helpful during a battle. His sensitive nose tracked down the mysterious machine inside the mansion and by chewing on some wires he strangely changes forms according to the era that the Boy is in.

The Dog has a high defense and attack level and can cause heavy damage to enemies. If you press and hold the L or R buttons, the Dog will sniff out special items such as formula ingredients.

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