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Seiken Densetsu 3 Enemies
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The morph type enemies usually have strange body shapes. The Shape Shifter and Shadow Zero can morph into other enemies, making them hard to beat, but the other ones shouldn't be too difficult to take care of.
Slime Dwarf Tunnel Tries to posion you if you come too close.
Slime Prince Gemstone Valley Dorian Can use advanced techs.
Boulder Glass Desert, Dragon's Hole, Cave of Darkness, Jungle of Illusion Only appears at night and tries to slam into you.
Power Boulder Dragon's Hole, Dark Castle, Mirage Palace Can use magic attacks and has a stronger attack power.
Shape Shifter Mana Holyland Morphs into different enemies as you damage it.
Shadow Zero Mana Holyland Can take the form of one of your characters.
Enemies of the fish group can be sometimes very annoying. They can cause multiple attacks and summon others of their kind. Try to keep your distance and use fire magic if need be.
Sahagin Sub-Zero Snowfield Throws a forked spear at you.
Grell Labyrinth of Ice Walls, Seashore Cave Uses its slime to attack you with.
Grell Mage Ancient Ruins of Light Can use magic attacks.
Sea Serpent Sub-Zero Snowfield Use light attacks.
Poto Sub-Zero Snowfield, Seashore Cave Uses jump and licking attacks.
Sea Dragon Labyrinth of Ice Walls Has a high attacking level.
Mama Poto Labyrinth of Ice Walls, Ancient Ruins of Light Uses Saint Beam and strong attacks.
Papa Poto Mama Poto summons Papa Poto, Jungle of Illusion Has a high attack power.
Petit Poseidon Labyrinth of Ice Walls Can lower your abilities and has a strong spear attack.
These enemies can be found in numerous areas. They can be very dangerous at times, as some will evolve into other enemies and restore their HP, making them hard to beat. Try to keep your distance as they can cause heavy damage with multiple attacks.
Pakkun Baby Labyrinth of Ice Walls, Seashore Cave Matures into a Pakkun Lizard after a few hits.
Pakkun Lizard Sub-Zero Snowfield, Labyrinth of Ice Walls, Seashore Cave Can swallow one of your characters.
Pakkun Dragon Ancient Ruins of Light Uses strong attacks and has a high defense.
Pakkuri Baby Ancient Ruins of Light Matures into a Pakkun Dragon after a few hits.
Firedrake Valley of Flames Uses fire magic.
Basilisk Glass Desert Can petrify one of your characters.
These creatures are mainly found in dark areas such as caves, castles, and dark forests. They have strong attacks, so try to keep your distance. The zombies will poison you if they hit you, so try to beat them quickly or have a lot of Puipui Grass.
Zombie Golden Road, Path to the Heavens, Ghost Ship Poisons your characters if it bites them.
Ghoul Ghost Ship Uses its ribs as weapons and can poison your party.
Specter Moonlight Forest, Ghost Ship Can be annoying as it floats around making trouble.
Ghost Cave of Darkness, Mirage Palace Uses dark magic and strong attacks.
Carmilla Moonreading Tower Uses magic attacks and causes large damage.
Carmilla Queen Cave of Darkness, Dark Castle, Mirage Palace Uses max HP down techs.
These three enemies are machines and are designed to destroy any target. They will use puch-type attacks to hit you, and sometimes use magic. Try to beat them quickly before they can inflict too much damage.
Machine Golem Forcena Castle, Altena Castle Uses its fists to damage you with.
Guardian Jungle of Illusion, Glass Desert Uses stronger attacks and some techs.
Death Machine Dragon's Hole, Mirage Palace Can use magic and strong fist techs which can cause heavy damage.

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