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Seiken Densetsu 3 Enemies
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Take a good look at these enemies, do some of them look familiar? Most of the enemies in Seiken Densetsu 3 are actually remakes of the ones in Secret of Mana only with different names. There are many more in this game, and are found just about everywhere in the game.
These creatures can be found all over the world, ranging from caves, plains, forests and mountains. Most are weak, but as the game progresses they become stronger.
Rabite Rabite Forest, Mana Holyland The weakest enemy in the game.
Rabilion Rabite Forest, Volcano Island Bucca, Mana Holyland A stronger and faster version of the Rabite.
King Rabite Mana Holyland Has a higher attack level.
Great Rabite Jungle of Illusion The strongest rabite-type enemy.
Battum Cave of Waterfalls, Golden Road Uses dive and bite attacks.
Dark Battum Moonlight Forest Attacks faster and stroger than the Battum.
Molebear Molebear Highlands, Dwarf Tunnel Uses spin attacks and throws rocks.
Bulette Desert of Scorching Heat Uses its horns as a weapon.
Gold Bulette Desert of Scorching Heat Stronger version of a Bulette.
Werewolf Moonlight Forest, Beast Kingdom Uses strong kick and punch attacks.
Black Fang Moonlight Forest, Beast Kingdom Uses strong kick and punch attacks.
Bloody Wolf Moonreading Tower, Cave of Darkness Uses advanced techs and strong kicks.
Silver Wolf Moonreading Tower, Beast Kingdom Has very powerful physical attacks.
Wolf Devil Cave of Darkness, Jungle of Illusion Uses strong advanced techs and has high attacking power.
Bound Wolf Castle City Jad, Moonlight Forest Tries to bite you if you come close.
Kerberos Cave of Darkness Uses faster and stronger bite attacks.
The insect type enemies can be found in various areas throughout the game. The weaker forms of some groups are easy to beat but the higher forms can be tough.
Assassin Bug Molebear Highlands, Golden Road Uses its claws as weapons.
Ruster Bug Jungle of Illusion, Glass Desert Charges fast and has a high attacking level.
Gal Bee Molebear Highlands Uses a spear as a weapon.
Lady Bee Lampflower Forest Casts ability enhancing spells on itself.
Queen Bee Forest of Wonder Casts ability enhancing spells on itself and uses advanced techs.
Unicorn Head Forcena Castle, Altena Castle Comes to life when you come close and uses its horn as a charging weapon.
Gold Unicorn Dark Castle Stronger version of the Unicorn Head.
Mega Crawler Lampflower Forest Uses twirl attacks and bites close enemies.
Giga Crawler Forest of Wonder Stronger version of the Mega Crawler.
Plants are found in a few areas in the game, and unfortunately they can be hard to beat, especially the Ogre Box and Kaiser Mimic as they appear at the same level your characters are on.
Myconid Rabite Forest Relation of Secret of Mana's Mushboom, this enemy rolls towards you and tries to hit you.
Darth Matango Forest of Wonder This enemy is not a Sith Lord, but he is a stronger version of the Myconid and can cause heavier damage.
Ogre Box Treasure Chests Appears as a trap from a treasure chest, this guy can be very dangerous as his level will be the same as yours.
Kaiser Mimic Treasure Chests A more dangerous version of the Ogre Box, he can cause even heavier damage.
Needlion Gemstone Valley Dorian Uses spin attacks and fires needles as weapons.
These enemies can be found all over the world. They tend to be strong and sometimes hard to beat, but they only attack on their own and not in large groups.
Poron Golden Road Uses a whip as a weapon and can throw darts.
Porobin Hood Lampflower Forest Uses sleep flower.
Porobin Leader Forest of Wonder Uses Life Booster and causes heavy damage with his whip.
Goblin Dwarf Tunnel Uses axe attacks.
Goblin Lord Molebear Highlands, Dwarf Tunnel, Volcano Island Bucca Stronger attacking power than the Goblin.
Beast Master Moonreading Tower Can throw axes and uses strong attacks.
Dark Priest Volcano Island Bucca, Desert of Scorching Heat, Valley of Flames Heals himself and others but uses weak attacks.
Evil Shaman Jungle of Illusion, Dark Castle Can heal himself and uses stronger attacks.
Necromancer Mirage Palace Uses strong charging attacks and heals others around him.
Duck Soldier Desert of Scorching Heat Uses a ball and chain as a weapon and uses pumpkin bombs.
Duck General Valley of Flames Stronger version of the Duck Soldier.
Magician Sub-Zero Snowfield Uses level 1 magic attacks and attacks with a staff.
Wizard Forcena Castle, Altena Castle Uses stroger magic attacks.
High Wizard Dragon's Hole, Dark Castle Uses high level magic attacks.
Frost Dragon Labyrinth of Ice Walls, Dragon's Hole Found in cold areas and uses tail attacks.
Petit Dragon Gemstone Valley Dorian, Dragon's Hole Can cause heavy damage with its tail.
Petit Tiamat Glass Desert, Dragon's Hole, Cave of Darkness Uses Thunderstorm magic.
Dragon Zombie Dragon's Hole, Mirage Palace Has the strongest attack power.
Ninja Wind Kingdom Rolante, Navarre Fortress Uses two ninja knives and can hit twice in one shot.
Ninja Master Navarre Fortress, Valley of Flames Uses advanced techs and knife attacks.
Night Blade Glass Desert, Cave of Darkness Can use deadly techs and has a high attack level.
Nearly all the enemies in this group fly except the Cockatrice. They usually don't put up much of a fight but caution should still be taken as they can cast spells and occasionally have strong attacks.
Cockatrice Path to the Heavens, Volcano Island Bucca, Seashore Cave Matures into a Cockabird after a few hits.
Cockabird Cockatrice's evolved form Pecks at you with its beak and uses charge attacks.
Needle Bird Path to the Heavens Can use techs and has stronger attacking power.
Harpy Path to the Heavens, Corridor of Wind, Summit of the Skies Uses charge attacks.
Siren Ancient Ruins of Light Stronger version of the Harpy.
The demon type enemies can be very dangerous. They all have strong attacks and deadly magic, so you should try to take them out as quickly as possible. Thankfully they don't attack in groups so beating them shouldn't be too difficult.
Chibidevil Golden Road, Path to the Heavens, Corridor of Wind, Ghost Ship Floats around using a fork as a weapon and casts weak magic.
Gremlin Dragon's Hole, Cave of Darkness, Glass Desert Can cast stronger magic attacks.
Lesser Demon Navarre Fortress, Glass Desert, Cave of Darkness, Jungle of Illusion Has very strong arm attacks and can cast dark magic.
Great Demon Dragon's Hole, Dark Castle, Mirage Palace Can cause massive damage with its arms and casts strong magic.
Evil Sword Wind Kingdom Rolante Awakes when you come close and tries to stab at you.
Element Sword Dark Castle, Mirage Palace Uses various sabers and has stronger attacking power.
Armor Knight Path to the Heavens, Corridor of Wind Uses strong sword attacks and techs.
Sword Master Labyrinth of Ice Walls, Valley of Flames Stronger version of the Armor Knight.
Silver Knight Ancient Ruins of Light Can use sabers and strong techs.
Dark Lord Dragon's Hole, Dark Castle Uses very strong sword and saber magic attacks.

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