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Chrono Trigger Accessories List
This page lists the numerous accessories available to each playable character in the game. Each of these accessories grants useful abilities to your characters in battle.
Name: User: Description:
Amulet All Provides status immunity
Bandana All Speed +1
Berserker All Auto attack / Hit and defense up
Black Rock Marle, Lucca, Magus Allows access to triple tech "DarkEternal"
Blue Rock Lucca, Robo, Magus Allows access to triple tech "OmegaFlare"
Charm Top Ayla Enhances "Charm" tech
Dash Ring All Speed +3
Defender All Vigor +2
Flea Vest All Magic defense +12
FrenzyBand All 80% counter attack rate
Gold Erng All Increases maximum HP by 50%
Gold Rock Frog Allows access to triple tech "Grand Dream"
Gold Stud All Reduces MP cost by 75%
GreenDream All Allows the user to auto-revive once
Hero Medal Frog Increases the critical hit rate of the Masamune
Hit Ring All Strike +10
Magic Ring All Magic +6
Magic Seal All Magic +5 / Magic defense +5
MagicScarf All Magic +2
MuscleRing All Vigor +6
Power Ring All Power +6
Power Seal All Increases power and stamina
PowerGlove All Power +2
PowerScarf All Power +4
PrismSpecs All Increases attack power to maximum
Rage Band All 50% counter attack rate
Ribbon All Strike +2
SightScope All Displays an enemy's HP
SilverErng All Increases maximum HP by 25%
SilverRock Frog, Robo, Ayla Allows access to triple tech "SpinStrike"
SilverStud All Reduces MP cost by 50%
Speed Belt All Speed +2
Sun Shades All Increases attack power
Third Eye All 2x Evade
Wall Ring All Magic defense +10
Wallet All Turns experience points into G
White Rock Marle, Lucca, Ayla Allows access to triple tech "Poyozo Dance"

Special thanks to the Chrono Trigger Temple for their help in compiling the information on this page.

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