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Chrono Trigger Story/Outline
The World
Life is peaceful for the people of the Guardia kingdom in 1000 AD. But despite the idyllic world, a child named Crono is chosen by the guardian spirits to save the world from impending destruction. While that day would not arrive until 1999 AD, the seeds of the world's ruin were set eons ago by the evil Lavos. Your goal in Chrono Trigger is to travel forward and backward through the world's timeline, changing the course of history and ultimately preventing Lavos from destroying the world. Along the way, numerous battles with monsters of the past, present and future await. Many helpful people will join your quest or offer advice and assistance, granting you powerful allies the world over. Good luck!

1000 AD (The Present)
The present is Crono's point of origin in the timeline. In this year, the kingdom of Guardia celebrates the millennium, unaware of the monsters lurking beneath the peaceful landscape. Scheming to destroy the world, these monsters from the past lie in wait for their moment to strike.

600 AD (The Past/Middle Ages)
In the year 600 AD, the humans of Guardia are at war with an evil magic-wielding ruler. His legions of monsters have beset the Guardia kingdom and their many knights. By the time Crono arrives, he will find that he must travel even further back in time to help the people, and discover the moment when Lavos first arrived on the planet.

2300 AD (The Future)
In the distant future of 2300 AD, the world is in utter ruin. Lavos has reduced the entire planet to a barren wasteland, almost completely devoid of life. The few remaining human survivors are without hope and facing extinction. It's up to Crono to find a way to stop Lavos and prevent this catastrophe from ever happening.

In this game, you will be able to have a maximum of seven playable characters, and can use three of them during your quest at a time. Similar to the Final Fantasy battle engine, you stand among the enemies and choose from menus which attack you want to use. This time, though, the enemies will not appear from nowhere, you will be able to see them and can also run around them, unless they spot you or touch one of your characters. The special attacks each character has are called techs, and some of these techs involve magic spells. Each character also has techs that are combined attacks with other characters. You will travel to six time zones in the game to complete the quest and defeat Lavos. The means of travelling through time vary from time gates to a time machine.

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