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Chrono Trigger Characters
| 1000 AD | 600 AD | 2300 AD | The End of Time | 65,000,000 BC | 12,000 BC |
1000 AD
Name Character Description
Crono's Mom Crono's Mom Crono's mother enjoys meeting his new friends, and can be a bit open minded at times. She has raised Crono on her own and is proud of him.
Taban Taban Taban is Lucca's father. He is just as interested in inventions as Lucca is, and so they are always building new devices together. At times through the game he gives you armor for Lucca.
Lara Lara Lara is Lucca's mother. She was crippled in an accident 10 years before the present. She can't move around much, but she does appreciate the money Taban earns.
Melchior Melchior This guy sells you weapons, and seems to be a simple merchant. Later in the game, you discover that there is more to him than meets the eye.
Norstien Bekkler Norstien Bekkler The host of the horror tent show, you can win items from him if you beat the challenges he gives you.
Guardia Soldiers Guardia Soldiers These are the soldiers of Guardia Castle, and they follow just about any orders given by the king, chancellor or princess.
King Guardia XXXIII King Guardia XXXIII King Guardia is Marle's father and sometimes becomes very frustrated with her. He wants her to act very formal like a proper princess should, but he doesn't realise that she has other plans with her life.
Chancellor Chancellor The Chancellor is very rude towards you, and he orders the soldiers around like they are toy men. Although he has a rude attitude, it may seem that he is not the real Chancellor...
Pierre Pierre Pierre is Crono's lawyer when he is put on trial. He helps you out as much as he can.
Fritz Fritz Fritz was sentenced for execution by the Chancellor after he was caught with a group of theives. Fritz is in Crono's debt after he rescues him.
Ozzie VIII Ozzie VIII Ozzie VIII is the leader of Medina and uses his ancestor's fame to boss others around. The Mystics don't like humans at all.
600 AD
Name Character Description
Guardia Soldiers Guardia Soldiers These soldiers are very loyal to the King, and they befriend you after you rescue Queen Leene.
Guardia Royal Soldiers Guardia Royal Soldiers These Royal Soldiers follow the Knight Captain, and are the highest ranks of the Guardia Knights of the square table.
King Guardia XXI King Guardia XXI King Guardia is in Crono's debt after you rescue Queen Leene and defeat Magus. He is good to his kingdom and repays you a few times.
Queen Leene Queen Leene Queen Leene is honored by all the people in the land. She is very good to others, and is very thankful to you after you rescue her. As she is is Marle's ancestor, she looks very much like Marle.
Knight Captain Knight Captain The Knight Captain is very loyal to the King and Queen. He has a hard time filling the shoes of the previous Knight Captain, Cyrus. His brother the chef doesn't like him very much, though.
Chancellor Chancellor At first, the Chancellor is a creature who kidnapped the Queen and had plans to kill her. After you defeat him, the real Chancellor is rescued and is like the opposite to the rude one.
Chef Chef The Chef doesn't like people getting in his way, and he can be rude to others around him. He doesn't like his brother, but then he realises that he shouldn't be at war with him anymore.
Toma Toma Toma the Explorer, as he likes to be called, was in a search for the Rainbow shell. He lost all his money in his search but befriends the group and tells them where it is.
Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie is the true leader of the Mystics. He is bent on overthrowing Guardia kingdom and despises the humans. He leads Magus' army and uses Magus as a symbol of power. He may be allied with Magus, but he does not know of Magus' true intentions.
Fiona Fiona Fiona lives out in the middle of a desert with her husband. The forest around her was destroyed in the war against Magus, and her only wish is to re-grow the forest.
Marco Marco Marco was at war for a while, but once he returned home his wife Fiona was relieved. His wish is to also grow the forest back.
Tata Tata Tata was mistaken for the legendary Hero. He picked up the Hero's Medal when Frog lost it, and everyone began to think that he was the Hero. Tata gives you the medal after he realises that he isn't the Hero.
Cyrus Cyrus Cyrus was Glenn's best friend and the best Knight in the Guardia Kingdom. He was slain by Magus after attempting to defeat him with the Masamune.
2300 AD
Name Character Description
Doan Doan Doan is the descendant of the instructor of Arris Dome. He does his best to keep hope alive for the surviving humans of the Lavos disaster.
Johnny Johnny This guy is half monster, half machine. He races against you down Lab 32's highway. He doesn't like losing and puts you down if he wins.
Atropos Atropos Atropos is a former companion of Robo's. She calls him "Prometheus" and has been reprogrammed by the Mother Brain to eliminate humans. She tries to convince Robo to join her, but he cannot.
The End of Time
Name Character Description
Old Man Old Man The Old Man tells you all about the End of Time, and wants be thought as a "guide" to the different time periods. His true identity is revealed later in the game.
Nu Nu These strange creatures appear in all time periods, and don't seem to have much of a role in the game. Some of them do sell you items.
65,000,000 BC
Name Character Description
Kino Kino Kino is Ayla's partner and they help protect Ioka village from reptite attacks. He becomes jealous of Crono when Ayla shows an interest in him.
Azala Azala Azala is the leader of the Reptites. She has always been at war with the humans for some unkown reason. She takes the Gate Key at one time and becomes very annoyed at you when you keep stopping her evil plans.
12,000 BC
Name Character Description
Schala Schala Schala is a kind woman who does not let the power of Lavos take her over. She befriends Crono and asks the group to stop her mother's evil schemes.
Janus Janus Janus is Schala's half-brother, but they care for each other a lot. He seems like a rude boy when you first meet him, but then you find out who he really is.
Queen Zeal Queen Zeal Queen Zeal is very strong with magic, and was unfortunately taken over by the power of Lavos. She has been using this power to control everyone and is trying to become immortal. You fight her many times until the final showdown on the Black Omen.
Dalton Dalton Dalton is full of himself and thinks he could rule Zeal on his own. He becomes annoyed when the Prophet takes over his role under Queen Zeal. He gives you trouble many times.
Prophet Prophet The wandering Prophet has earned the Queen's trust through his knowledge of the future. He doesn't like you much and gives you trouble at times. Later you discover his real identity.
Belthasar Belthasar Belthasar is one of the three Gurus of Zeal. They are very good to the people and tried to stop the Queen from taking Lavos' power and using it for evil. He was stranded in the future after the Queen did away with the three of them.
Gaspar Gaspar Gaspar was also one of the Gurus, and was sent to the End of Time. He is the Old Man there.

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