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Chrono Trigger Items List
This page covers inventory items found throughout the game. Most of these items can be bought from merchant stores in all time periods, and usually provide healing effects. You can carry up to 99 of each. Other items will have special and very useful effects.
Item: Cost: Sell price: Description:
Barrier   2500 Cuts magic damage by 1/3
Bike Key     Needed to ride the jet bike
C. Trigger     Needed to bring Crono back to life
Clone     You receive this doll in Leene Square
Dreamstone     Needed to repair the Masamune
Elixir   10000 Restores all HP/MP to one character
Ether 800 400 Restores 10 MP to one character
Fang     Exchange this for items in Ioka Hut
Feather     Exchange this for items in Ioka Hut
Full Ether 6000 3000 Restores 60 MP to one character
Full Tonic 700 350 Restores 500 HP to one character
Gate Key     Used to open Time Gates and Time Tunnels
Heal 10 5 Removes all status afflictions
Horn     Exchange this for items in Ioka Hut
HyperEther 10000 5000 Restores all MP to one character
Jerky 9900 10000 Give some of this to the soldiers on Zenan Bridge and the woman in Porre
Lapis   250 Restores 200 HP to the entire team
Magic Tab   5 Raises Magic statistic by one point for one character
MegaElixir   25000 Restores all HP/MP to the entire team
Mid Ether 2000 1000 Restores 30 MP to one character
Mid Tonic 100 50 Restores 200 HP to one character
Moon Stone     This stores the energy of the sun
Pendant     Unlocks sealed chests and sealed doors
Petal     Exchange this for items in Ioka Hut
Power Meal   1 Robo can use this to fully restore his HP and MP
Power Tab   5 Raises Power statistic by one point for one character
PrismShard     Needed to prove King Guardia's innocence
Race Log     This records your Bike Race score
Revive 20 10 Revives a KO'd ally
Ruby Knife     Needed to destroy the Mammon Machine
Seed     Provides hope for the human survivors of the future
Shelter 150 75 Recovers all HP/MP at Save Points
Shield   2500 Cuts physical damage by 1/3
Speed Tab   5 Raises Speed statistic by one point for one character
Sun Stone     Use this to create powerful items utilising the sun's energy
Toma's Pop     Use this item on Toma's grave
Tonic 10 5 Restores 50 HP to one character
Tools     Give these tools to the builder in Choras
Yakra Key     Needed to free the real chancellor

Special thanks to the Chrono Trigger Temple for their help in compiling the information on this page.

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