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Chrono Trigger Sealed Chests
Have you seen strange chests that can't be opened? This guide reveals the locations of these sealed chests in the 600, 1000 and 2300 AD time periods. To gain access to these chests, you'll need to power up Marle's pendant via the Mammon Machine at Zeal Palace in 12,000 BC. This will also grant you access to the sealed doors found in 2300 AD.

*Note: For any sealed chest in 600 AD, touch them but don't open them when asked. Travel forward in time to 1000 AD and open the same chest there; the item inside will be a better version of what was inside them in 600 AD. You can then return to 600 AD and open the chest there (feel free to sell the item as you probably won't need it).
| 600 AD | 1000 AD | 2300 AD |
600 AD
Location: Item found:
Truce Town: Truce Inn 1 Blue Vest
Porre Town: Elder's House 1 White Vest
1 Black Vest
Guardia Castle 1 Red Vest
Castle Ruins 1 Nova Armor
1 Siren
1 Kali Blade
Magic Cave 1 Magic Ring
Guardia Forest 1 Speed Tab
1000 AD
Location: Item found:
Town of Truce: Truce Inn 1 Blue Vest / 1 Blue Mail*
Town of Porre: Mayor's Manor 1 White Vest / 1 White Mail*
1 Black Vest / 1 Black Mail*
Guardia Castle 1 Red Vest / 1 Red Mail*
Castle Ruins 1 Nova Armor / 1 Moon Armor*
1 Siren Bow / 1 Valkerye Bow*
1 Kali Blade / 1 Shiva Edge*
Forest Ruins Either 1 Swallow Sword or 1 Safe Helm
Guardia Forest 1 Power Ring (through the time gate)
Heckran Cave 1 Wall Ring
1 Dash Ring
2300 AD
Location: Item found:
Keeper's Dome The Epoch
1 Magic Tab (go back after receiving the Epoch)
Bangor Dome 1 Charm Top
1 Full Ether
1 Wallet
Trann Dome 1 Magic Tab
1 Gold Stud
1 Full Ether
Arris Dome 1 Power Tab
1 Gold Erng
1 Hit ring
1 Elixir
1 Lumin Robe

Special thanks to the Chrono Trigger Temple for their help in compiling the information on this page.

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