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Chrono Trigger Endings
Here you can read about the different endings hidden in the game. Please take care to avoid spoilers below, as each ending is described in detail. All the special endings apart from the standard finale can only be accessed via the "New Game +" option, accessible after beating the game once. You'll then be able to play through the game again with all your levels and items intact.

Note: Most of the endings require you to defeat Lavos outside of the Ocean Palace. To reach the final battle early in the game, head to Taban's teleport pods at the north end of Leene Square in 1000 AD. Look for a sparkle on the right pod - touch this to be taken straight to Lavos. Later in the game, either the bucket at the End of Time or the Epoch can be used to travel straight to the final battle in 1999 AD.
Ending #1: Beyond Time
This ending takes place at the Millennial Fair (which is the regular game's ending) but varies depending on whether or not you have Magus on your team. This ending will also slightly vary based on whether or not you used the Epoch to reach Lavos, whether you saved Lara (Lucca's mother) from being crippled or not, and how many cats are at Crono's house.

With Crono, without Magus:

Method: Defeat Lavos after defeating Magus in 12,000 BC and after restoring Crono.

After defeating Lavos, the scene shows Crono back in bed at his house. A soldier wakes him, telling him that his sentence is to commence. At the castle, King Guardia almost sentences Crono while Marle desperately protests, until suddenly all the supporting characters from the different time periods appear (King Guardia from 600 AD, Doan from 2300 AD and Kino from 65,000,000 BC - the chancellor will also be there if you saved him during the Rainbow Shell event, otherwise Pierre the lawyer will be present). Lucca reveals that she brought them all together, and they each commend Crono and the team for their efforts.

The Moonlight Parade commences, and the team gathers at the teleport pods to say their goodbyes and return to their own timelines. Note that Frog is back in his human form.

However, if you still have the Epoch, Crono's cat(s) cheekily wander over and leap into the time gate, followed closely by Crono's mother. The time gate closes forever, but Crono, Marle and Lucca leave on the Epoch to rescue them. Marle leaves the king stuck trying to hang the bell.

If you used the Epoch to break through Lavos' shell, the other characters depart and the time gate closes without incident. Crono, Marle and Lucca watch as the king begins to hang the Nadia Bell, and Marle takes hold of the balloons holding the bell afloat. She begins to float away, and Crono grabs hold before the two of them glide away during the credits.

With Crono and Magus:

Method: Defeat Lavos after Magus joins your team in 12,000 BC and after restoring Crono.

Same as above, except that Magus will be present at the Moonlight Parade and Frog is still in his familiar amphibious form. As the Epoch tours each character's timeline, Magus seen searching for Schala in 12,000 BC.
Ending #2: Reunion
This ending also takes place at the Millennial Fair but before Crono is restored after the Ocean Palace incident. It will vary depending on factors like the presence of Magus on your team, whether or not you used the Epoch to breach Lavos' shell, and whether you saved Lara (Lucca's mother) from being crippled or not.

Without Crono and Magus:

Method: Defeat Lavos immediately after choosing to battle and defeat Magus in 12,000 BC.

After defeating Magus, he reveals that the curse on Frog is lifted, but Frog's appearance curiously doesn't change. Upon defeating Lavos, everyone winds up at the End of Time, lying on the ground. Marle and Lucca stand up first and can be controlled by the player.

Speak to the Guru and he'll warn that the time gates are closing and that everyone needs to return to their own respective timelines. Everyone says their goodbyes and departs, but Marle is still keen to rescue Crono. The Guru realises too late that he's forgotten to give the team the Chrono Trigger egg.

Marle then appears alone at the Moonlight Parade. Head north to find Lucca waiting at the teleport pods. Suddenly all the other characters pop out of the gate, including Gaspar the Guru. The team knows about the Chrono Trigger egg and are on a mission to restore Crono. Gaspar flees through the gate and everyone follows in hot pursuit. Frog is also back in his human form, which Lucca is very smitten with!

Once the gate closes, Lucca and Marle head south to watch the king hang the bell. If you still have the Epoch, they depart the scene to follow the others back through time. Otherwise Marle will take the balloons holding the bell and float away into the sky. After the credits roll, Marle is standing at a tree similar to the one on Death Peak's summit. Crono is seen coming towards her out of the sunlight as the screen fades to black.

Without Crono, with Magus:

Method: Defeat Lavos immediately after Magus joins your team in 12,000 BC.

Same as above, except that Magus does appear alongside all the other characters, and Frog remains in his amphibious form.
Ending #3: The Dream Project
Method: Defeat Lavos at the Ocean Palace, or before saving Queen Leene in 600 AD (use the right teleport pod at Leene Square).

After defeating Lavos in the conditions set above, you'll appear at the End of Time. Numerous characters seen there represent real-life staff members of Chrono Trigger's development team. Each character delivers personal messages from staff members, from simple greetings to their families, lighthearted jokes about the time they spent working on the game and their hard work, etc.
Ending #4: The Successor of Guardia
Method: Defeat Lavos immediately after saving Queen Leene and returning from 600 AD (use the right teleport pod at Leene Square).

This time the ending will be at the Millennial Fair. Curiously, most of the people will think Marle is wearing a disguise. The king at Guardia Castle will reveal the discovery of a 400-year old wedding movie. The footage reveals that Frog and Queen Leene (or one of her descendents) married and that subsequently, Marle and her father are actually frogs!
Ending #5: Good Night
Method: Defeat Lavos after first arriving at the End of Time (use the bucket).

During the credits, a single Nu and a Ribbit chase each other, performing numerous antics. Each one continuously falls asleep while the other messes around. A Kilwala eventually joins in, before they all fall asleep (including the text "THE END").
Ending #6: Legendary Hero
Method: Defeat Lavos after arriving back in 600 AD, after returning from 2300 AD. Make sure you first visit Truce Inn and speak to the people to learn about the Legendary Hero, then defeat Lavos before receiving the Hero's Medal.

In the first scene you'll see Robo and Atropos XR meeting at Leene's Bell in a restored future. Next you'll see Tata in 600 AD sitting on Guardia Castle's throne with the king and queen present. Tata suddenly leaps off the throne and storms Magus' Castle, buts finds Crono, Lucca and Marle waiting for him at Magus' throne.
Ending #7: The Unknown Past
Method: Defeat Lavos immediately after receiving the Hero's Medal from Tata.

While the credits roll, a number of montage scenes are shown with various characters. Crono, Lucca and Marle are seen arriving in Medina Village, Kino and Ayla are seen chasing after reptites, Magus is seen with his goons at the cove, the king and queen are at Guardia Castle of 600 AD and Frog is at the Cursed Woods. Last but not least, Robo runs around the screen before waving goodbye.
Ending #8: People of the Times
Method: Defeat Lavos immediately after receiving the Red Stone and returning from 65,000,000 BC.

During the credits, numerous characters are shown from all the different time periods in the game.
Ending #9: The Oath
Method: Defeat Lavos immediately after the Masamune is restored and Frog joins your team.

All the gang are at Lucca's house, lounging around while she works on Robo. Frog decides to leave, citing business requiring his attention. During the credits, Frog is seen storming Magus' castle and defeating each of Magus' henchmen. Afterwards he tackles Magus himself. After the fierce battle, Frog is shown standing atop the statue outside Magus' castle.
Ending #10: Dino Age
Method: Defeat Lavos immediately after defeating Magus in 600 AD.

While the credits roll, the intro scene of the game is repeated. Except this time, Crono and his mother are reptites! This "reptite Crono" will visit the Inn and Millennial Fair, where everyone there are reptites as well! Curiously the Green Jogger - who is normally a reptite - is now human. Ultimately the "reptite Crono" bumps into an identical "reptite Marle" at Leene's Bell. Azala is then seen after the credits, where "THE END" lands on her.
Ending #11: What the Prophet Seeks
Method: Defeat Lavos immediately after defeating Azala in 65,000,000 BC.

During the credits, scenes of the various team members are shown. Frog is seen observing Magus' statue at the Cathedral before presumedly returning to regular life in the Middle Ages. Crono, Marle, Lucca, Ayla and Robo are seen enjoying themselves at the Millennial Fair, and Magus is shown with Schala and Janus in 12,000 BC. He eventually works his way down to the Ocean Palace for an unseen confrontation with Lavos.
Ending #12: A Slide Show? / Memory Lane
Method: Defeat Lavos immediately after Schala opens the door to the Queen's chamber in Zeal Palace of 12,000 BC, and before powering up Marle's pendant at the Mammon Machine.

During the credits, Marle and Lucca present a slide show of characters seen throughout the game. They offer humourous comments for each character until Crono interrupts and actually speaks! They all discuss what to do next, and Crono convinces them to explore the present era. The trio then set off on another big adventure.
Bad ending: Losing to Lavos
Method: Lose the battle against Lavos at any point in time.

Losing to Lavos (except when you're supposed to at the Ocean Palace for the sake of the story) will cause it to rise from the ground and trigger the world's destruction in 2300 AD. Needless to say, it's not very pleasant viewing.

Special thanks to the Chrono Trigger Temple, wrp103 and Xytrasx for their help in compiling the information on this page.

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