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Chrono Trigger Main Characters
| Crono | Marle | Lucca | Frog | Robo | Ayla | Magus |
Crono is the main character of the game. Unlike the other characters, he never speaks during the game, giving the player a more in-depth view of the game through Crono's eyes. He lives with his mother in Truce Town (no mention of his dad). Crono is the young man who meets with Marle during the Millennial Fair and winds up with the responsibility to save the world from the evil source that is consuming their planet - Lavos. An accident during the fair which sends Marle to the Middle Ages begins Crono's journey.

Crono is an excellent fighter highly skilled with his samurai sword. His physical strength is one of the highest, while his lightning magic delivers powerful magical blows to his enemies.
Crono's Statistics
Crono Weapon of choice: Samurai Sword Home Era: 1000 AD, Present Magic Type: Lightning Status: Resident of Truce Crono

Marle is the Princess of Guardia, but doesn't like to reveal her identity much. She meets up with Crono during the Millennial Fair, and while trying out Lucca's new teleport pod, her most precious possesion, a pendant handed down to her by her mother, causes a time portal to open. Marle is sucked in and Crono must follow her to find and rescue her. This begins their adventure which determines the fate of their world. Marle is skilled with using water magic attacks, and is also very helpful by having many heal spells.

Marle's skill with her Crossbow allows her to damage enemies while standing from a distance. If an enemy is too close, however, she will whack them with the butt of her Crossbow, which only inflicts a small amount of damage.
Marle's Statistics
Marle Weapon of choice: Crossbow Home Era: 1000 AD, Present Magic Type: Water Status: Princess of Guardia Marle

Lucca is the daughter of the famous inventor Taban who is known for his great inventions and contributions to the Guardia kingdom. Lucca herself has also devoted her life to science and is always working on some new device or machine. Her new invention, the teleport pod, which can teleport people from one place to another, has a bad reaction with Marle's pendant and ends up causing a time portal to open and sucks Marle in. Lucca has the magic power of Fire, and utilizes this to create powerful fire and explosion techniques.

Lucca uses a gun-type weapon, in which the projectile ranges from darts and objects to energy beams. If an enemy is too close to her, she will hit them with a large hammer.
Lucca's Statistics
Lucca Weapon of choice: Energy Gun Home Era: 1000 AD, Present Magic Type: Fire Status: Daughter of famous inventor, Taban Lucca

Frog was the friend of the leader of Guardia's knights, Cyrus. He is Glenn, formerly a human, turned into a frog by Magus. During his last battle with Magus, Cyrus fell, leaving Glenn to face Magus and Ozzie. Not knowing what to do, he stumbled and Magus turned him into a frog. Ever since that day Frog has vowed revenge against Magus and is waiting for that day. Frog is in deep mourning for Cyrus and even though the Guardia kingdom believes that Frog is the legendary Hero, he is a little against the title and believes that he is not worthy of using the Masamune. Frog uses water magic, allowing him to attack all enemies on screen as well as equipping many heal spells.

Frog uses a large sword for a weapon, and although he looks a bit small for it, he uses the sword effectively in battle. His true power lies within the legendary sword, the Masamune.
Frog's Statistics
Frog Weapon of choice: Sword Home Era: 600 AD, Middle Ages Magic Type: Water Status: Friend of Cyrus', Hero of Guardia Frog

Robo is a mechanical robot from the future. During their journey in the future, the group finds Robo in a heap. Lucca reapirs him and Robo instantly shows fondness to Lucca. He was damaged during Lavos' final attack which turned the world into a wasteland and has remained inactive for a very long time. Although he is a robot, he grows fond of the group and is determined to protect them to repay them for helping him. He doesn't have magic, but his techniques have many features, including heal spells and weapon attacks.

Robo uses his heavy arms as a weapon, and can deliver strong blows by punching or slamming the enemy.
Robo's Statistics
Robo Weapon of choice: Arm Home Era: 2300 AD, Future Magic Type: None Status: Mechanical robot of the future Robo

Ayla is the strong-willed leader of the prehistoric Ioka Village. She meets the group when they become trapped by the Reptites, and helps them get away from the monsters. Ayla's speech is not advanced, but she understands the group and their important mission. Ayla has her own problems, though, with the never-ending battle with the Reptites who are determined to wipe out the humans. Ayla does not have magic either, but her physical strongth is the strongest of the group, and she has strong physical techniques as well to make her a great ally.

Ayla uses her fists as a weapon, and can deliver massive blows to enemies. She can also bite and kick opponents as well. Her critical hits are very effective against enemies, and she begins with a high speed rate.
Ayla's Statistics
Ayla Weapon of choice: Fist Home Era: 65,000,000 BC, Prehistoric Magic Type: None Status: Leader of the Ioka Village Ayla

Magus is the mysterious leader of the army that is trying to overthrow Guardia kingdom in the Middle Ages. He is never actually seen be anyone, instead it is Ozzie who is the real leader who directs the invasion armies. Ozzie believes that Magus is trying to summon Lavos to destroy Guardia, but in fact Magus is trying to summon him to destroy Lavos.

*Note: Do not read this next part if you want to discover Magus' past for yourself*

Magus in fact was the son of Queen Zeal of 12,000 BC. He noticed along with his sister Schala that Lavos had taken control of Zeal and was using the Queen to gain more power. During the accident which sent the three Gurus of Zeal to different time zones, Magus (who was then known as Janus) was sucked into a time portal and ended up in the Middle Ages, straight into the hands of Ozzie. Ozzie noticed the potential in Magus, and used him to gain power to try to overthrow Guardia.

Once he joins you after Zeal is destroyed, Magus may have a negative attitude towards the group, but his goal is the same - destroy Lavos - and he helps out with his powerful Shadow magic attacks. He uses a Scythe for a weapon, and can strike the enemy twice in one blow.
Magus' Statistics
Magus Weapon of choice: Scythe Home Era: 600 AD Middle Ages/12,000 BC The Dark Ages Magic Type: Shadow Status: Mysterious leader of the Mystics Magus

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